HealthcareCommunity Health Network partners with Notable to increase access and reduce administrative burden

Notable, the AI platform for healthcare operations, today announced a new enterprise-wide partnership with Community Health Network, a leading not-for-profit healthcare destination with more than 200 sites of care and affiliates throughout central Indiana. The two organizations will deploy Notable’s AI platform across the enterprise, with an initial focus on automated chart review, care gap scheduling, and pre-visit planning. The initial focus areas were selected because they have historically been the most time and resource-intensive processes, requiring clinicians and staff to spend valuable time analyzing patient records and conducting administrative tasks better served by AI and automation. In addition to streamlining pre-visit planning, the partners will automate support for addressing care gaps to improve quality.

“I’m excited about the potential for Notable’s technology to help us elevate the patient experience,” said Patrick McGill, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer at Community Health Network. “When our staff can spend less time on administrative tasks and more on high-value patient interactions, we can build stronger relationships and deliver more compassionate, focused care. I believe this partnership will be instrumental in our ongoing efforts to innovate, drive operational efficiency, and continuously raise the bar on the quality and value of our services.”

Ranked among the nation’s most integrated healthcare systems, Community Health Network will use Notable’s Flow Studio, a no-code interface for building, configuring, deploying, and monitoring custom automations for clinical and patient experience use cases. For example, approved staff can use Flow Studio to set up and manage a care gap outreach campaign by:

  • Putting Notable’s Patient AI to work to identify gaps in care for each patient automatically
  • Extracting just the necessary chart data, including unstructured data buried in scanned documents, to make care gap determinations, such as previsit notes, lab values, or medications
  • Intelligently and intuitively engaging patients to self-schedule through personalized outreach for needed care
  • Adding any appointments scheduled back to the EHR to complete the round-trip without staff involvement
  • Surfacing analytics to monitor and continue to improve outcomes for each patient

“Rather than have clinicians spend hours daily reviewing charts or culling through data, we built an AI platform that integrates with all the major EHRs to do that heavy lifting automatically,” said Pranay Kapadia, Co-Founder and CEO at Notable. “Patient AI identifies and orchestrates the next best action for every patient without staff intervention. This can include personalized outreach to schedule needed care or capture missing documentation. Our unique ability to take action based on intelligence gives patients a better experience, leads to higher quality care, and frees staff to take on more complex and fulfilling work.”

Explore Notable’s AI platform for healthcare operations at Becker’s Annual Meeting in booth #237, April 8 – 11, 2024. For more on how Notable personalizes the patient experience, automates the work, and empowers staff to practice at top of license, visit


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