BiotechnologyIdeeLab Joins the Ginkgo Technology Network to Provide Agriculture Companies in Brazil with End-to-End Product Development & Manufacturing Service

IdeeLab Biotechnology, a Brazilian company aiming to develop innovations and biological solutions for agriculture, today announced that is has entered into an agreement with Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA), which is building the leading platform for cell programming and biosecurity, to join the Ginkgo Technology Network.

The Ginkgo Technology Network is a groundbreaking global ecosystem of cutting-edge technology partners dedicated to driving innovation in customer R&D programs. Ginkgo plans to integrate the technological capabilities of its network partners to provide customers with more robust end-to-end solutions to drive successful R&D outcomes across biological end markets.

IdeeLab is leading sustainable agriculture biological products development in Brazil by developing new technologies on behalf of customers for the crop input market. Particularly noteworthy, in Q1 2025, IdeeLab will have the only plant in Brazil certified by regulators to make ag input metabolites and proteins from GMOs, which will enable next-generation products in agriculture, such as metabolite and peptide/protein-based biocontrol products that are potentially safer and more efficacious versus conventional chemicals. The manufacturing facility will eventually reach 6 million liters of fermentation capacity, which is more than enough to enable clients to do commercial derisking before potentially building out fermentation capacity of their own.

IdeeLab’s biotech platforms, pilot-scale facility and industrial setting will complement Ginkgo’s cell engineering and discovery capabilities. With IdeeLab, customers can now work with Ginkgo in various capacities such as metabolite and microbial discovery through fermentation scale up, registration, field trialing, and manufacturing a product in the fast-growing Brazilian biologicals market.

Ginkgo will continue to add partners to the Technology Network to further complement its offerings, and enable more clients in Brazil to access and explore the joint capabilities of the integrated Technology Network. Ginkgo is already working with leading product developers in the Brazilian market, and more are expected to join with this new expansion.

Ronaldo José Durigan Dalio, CEO of IdeeLab: “This partnership with Ginkgo will help us leap into the future, and leverages both companies to deliver even more innovative solutions to the Brazilian market in a faster and more efficient way. IdeeLab has been leading the development of the next generation of bio ag input in Brazil, and connecting GInkgo’s expertise to ours in this process will also help us explore new routes for improving both industrial production and product field performance for our clients.”

Anna Marie Wagner, Ginkgo’s SVP, Head of AI and Corporate Development: “IdeeLab has been inspiring a new era in Brazilian agriculture and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the Ginkgo Technology Network! Adding IdeeLab to our network now gives us the complete, end-to-end ability to deliver ag biological products for customers, especially next-generation products that are based on proteins, peptides and metabolites.”


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