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Digital Disruption In the Insurance Sector: Insights from the Big Five

Selecting An HP Test Automation Alternative: Key Considerations

Culture Guide

AIIM Industry Watch: Uncovering the Secrets to Success with Office 365

Your guide to account-based experience

Intelligent Transportation Systems Infographic

Asset Tracking for Healthcare Brochure

Key Considerations for Your Healthcare It Network Edge White Paper

Meet the future of work with confidence

Large CAD Model Challenges

Configure The Right Workstation For SOLIDWORKS 2020

The Solution to the Challenge of File Sharing: Qualcomm® DirectOffice™ Conversion Software for Viewing Microsoft Office Documents

Transitioning to a Quantum-Secure Economy

Responsible Use of Technology: The Salesforce Case Study

The Art and Science of Eliminating Hepatitis: Egypt’s Experience

The Macroeconomic Impact of Cryptocurrency and Stablecoins

Criteria to Follow for Evaluating SD-WAN Products

How to Reduce the Costs of Your Next ADC Refresh

Real-Time Communication on AWS

AWS Best Practices for DDoS Resiliency

4 Practical Steps to Achieve a Successful Shared Service

How Economic Concepts Guide Cost-Saving Strategies in Enterprise Architecture

5 Reasons the SaaS Revolution Needs a Unified Content Strategy

How to Evaluate CSP Vendors’ Ability to Deliver Content Services that Enable Digital Business

Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact of Data Virtualization Using the Denodo Platform: Asset

Forrester Wave Data Governance Solutions: Asset

Active Data Governance Methodology: Asset

Weaving Data into Wider Value: Asset

Best Practices for High Growth in Business

How to Build Native Apps With No Runtime

6 Steps for a Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness Proof of Concept

5 Reasons Enterprises Need a New Access Model

Observations from the Front Lines of Threat Hunting

What Is Proactive Hunting?

Achieving Breakthrough Business Continuity with Low Cost and Complexity

SD-WAN Benchmarking – Best Practices for QoS

Unfear ransomware without taking your hybrid cloud offline

Why You Need to Assess Your Data Protection and Security Readiness Today

2021 Data Protection Report

The Economic Impact of Veeam Cloud Data Management Platform

The employee outlook

Report: employee outlook across Europe

Finance’s Key Role in Building

The state of ED&I in Europe

Finance’s Key Role in Building

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services: Finance’s Key Role in Building the Data-Driven Enterprise


Break the Speed Limit: Accelerate Workforce Planning and Analytics Capabilities to Emerge Stronger in the New Economy

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation for Healthcare Payers: New Approaches to Medical Management

Three Challenges Facing Study

Three Challenges facing Study Start Up and the Low-Code Automation Solution

Operationalizing Compliance

Operationalizing Compliance in Financial Services and Insurance

How Intelligent Automation

How Intelligent Automation Will Drive Transformation in Insurance

Your Approach to Enterprise Risk

Why Financial Services Firms Should Stop Throwing Money at Enterprise Risk Management

Innovation, insight and trust

Innovation, insight and trust: Customer experience excellence delivered responsibly in a digital world


Re-Imagining The Legacy Insurer

Next Generation Technology is Driving

Next Generation Technology is Driving Life Sciences Innovation in R&D

Intelligent Automation A Buyer’s Guide

Intelligent Automation: A Buyer’s Guide

The mythical customer record

The Mythical Customer Record in Commercial Banking

Realizing the True Value of a Low‐Code Practice

IDC – Realizing the True Value of a Low-Code Practice

The Importance of Contextual

The Importance of Contextual Customer Interaction in Financial Services and Insurance

CIO Handbook

RPA Today CIO Handbook – Lessons from a successful CIO

A Platform Approach to Safety

A Platform Approach to Safety Signal Management

Selecting a Low-Code Platform

Selecting a Low-Code Platform – Rules in Context to Low-Code

How Government Can Digitally

Transform Citizen Services Through Constituent Case Management


Oil and Gas AFE Transformation

The Business Value of

IDC: The ROI of Low-Code Development and Intelligent Process Automation with Appian

An IT Strategy Brief for the New

An IT Strategy Brief for the New Era of Intelligent Automation

Omni-Channel Strategies

Omni-Channel Strategies That Transform FinTech

Digital Transformation

Dods Research: Government Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID World

Do you have

Do You Have a Framework for Digital Success?


How Appian Supports GxP Principles for Life Sciences Companies

Business Automation Technologies and the Customer Experience

IDC Survey – Business Automation Technologies

What Federal Acquisition

What Federal Acquisition Professionals Need to Know About the New IT Landscape


The Future of Work Survey, Part 2: The Business Impact of Technical Debt

Anchoring Insurers’ Digital Initiatives

Anchoring Insurers’ Digital Initiatives

FinTech and the Push for

FinTech and the Push for Transformation Readiness

Enterprise Checklist

Enterprise Checklist: Pave The Path To Digital Prowess With Low-Code Platforms

The Platform Approach to Solving

The Platform Approach to Solving Compliance Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

FinTech and the Push for

The New Reality for Customer Engagement

FinTech and the Push for

FinTech and the Push for Transformation Readiness

Collaboration for Insurers

Collaboration for Insurers: Accelerating the Pace of Work to Real Time

Optimizing Healthcare

Optimizing Healthcare Utilization Management

Managing the Faster

Managing the Faster Pace of Low-Code Powered Innovation

Why Appian

Why Appian?


Smart Change: Digital Transformation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Deploying technology to

Deploying technology to create efficiencies and empower your workforce

Digital Transformation

BPM for Insurance: Four Paths to Outdistancing Your Competition

Modernizing Government Technology

Modernizing Government Technology with a Low-Code Platform

The Challenge of Strategy Implementation

The Challenge of Strategy Implementation


Appian RPA: A Key Capability in Your Automation Toolbox

How Blockchain Can Connect

How Blockchain Can Connect and Optimize Healthcare

The Modern Enterprise Application Platform

The Modern Enterprise Application Platform

Investing in Your

Investing in Your Company’s Future During Times of Change

Expectations of Speed Lead Financial

IDG: Expectations of Speed Lead Financial Institutions to Low-Code Development

The future of enterprise

The Future of Enterprise Application Development

Digitizing Pension Operations

Digitizing Pension Operations to Drive Margin

Financial Services Automation Maturity Index Lighting The Future.

Automation Maturity Index Report: Lighting The Future

Financial Services Automation

Automation Maturity Index Report: The People In the Process

Five COVID-19 workplace safety

Five COVID-19 workplace safety lessons from leading experts

End-to-End Security with Appian

End-to-End Security with Appian Intelligent Document Processing

IT’s changing mandate

IT’s changing mandate in an age of disruption

Amazon Web Services and Appian

Appian and AWS Partnership Overview

A Nordic Perspective on

A Nordic Perspective on Managing Business Processes as Automation Goes Hyper

10 Measures of Automation Maturity

10 Measures of Automation Maturity in Financial Services

Effective change execution in

How to execute effective change in Net Revenue Management

The retail data dynamic

Analyzing retail data to tackle the industry’s most enduring challenges

Optimizing Markdown in Retail

Optimizing markdown to reduce retail waste

Availability transformed OSA for retail

Availability transformed: OSA for retail

Getting started with SASE

Succeeding with SASE

Common browser isolation

Common browser isolation challenges, and how to overcome them

The Zero Trust Guide

The Zero Trust Guide to Securing Contractor Application Access

Cloudflare & Datadog

Cloudflare & Datadog

Securing the Web Perimeter

Securing the web perimeter

Securing Applications

Securing applications in the cloud

The Malicious Bot Playbook

The Malicious Bot Playbook

Can ZTNA replace your

Can ZTNA Replace Your VPN?

Don’t Get Left Behind

Improving E-Commerce Site Performance and Security for the Mobile Consumer

How the Cloudflare network

How the Cloudflare network maintains data privacy

Streamline overseas expansion with the

Streamline overseas expansion with the Cloudflare Global Network

Malicious bots to look out for

Malicious bots to look out for this holiday season

A Network for Fast

A network for blazing fast, immersive content experiences

Optimize Web Presence in China

Optimize your web presence in China

Load Balancing for High Performance

Load Balancing for High Performance & Availability in the Cloud

A SaaS Provider

A SaaS provider survival guide

Designing a secure, scalable remote learning infrastructure

Cloud application security & performance: Critical considerations for SaaS providers

Cloudflare CDN

Enabling secure, fast, and immersive gaming experiences

Leveraging DNS to Build Reliable Digital Experiences

Effective application security requires holistic, quick, and continuous protection’s-policies-around-data-privacy-and-law-enforcement-requests.jpg

Cloudflare’s policies around data privacy and law enforcement requests

Checking the box made easy—-and-what-it-means-for-your-cloud-migration.jpg

The death of network hardware appliances — and what it means for your cloud migration’s-digital-challenges-for-healthcare-service-providers.jpg

Solving today’s digital challenges for healthcare service providers

How Cloudflare Helps Address Data Locality and Privacy Obligations in Europe

Cloudflare Magic Transit protects networks while improving performance

Understanding Ecommerce Site Search Analytics

Laser Focused: Why B2B Buyers Demand Powerful Site Searchón-de-Wi-Fi-6-en-los-hogares-de-los-clients.jpg

Exitosa implementación de Wi-Fi 6 en los hogares de los clients

Creamos una estrategia exitosa para el hogar inteligente

The Technical Challenge of Search

Implementing Help Center Search: A 15-Step Checklist

The Publisher’s Guide to Site Search Analytics

Designing Ecommerce for the Mobile Shopper


3 Reasons Google Custom Search Isn’t Worth Its Free Price

4 Key Considerations for Acquiring an Effective Site Search Solution

Too Many Cloud Apps: Are You Wasting Time Searching for Information?

Unlocking Business Value from Legacy Systems


The Ultimate Guide To Website Search For Higher Education

The Ultimate Guide To Website Search For Government

Raman Spectroscopy for Reaction Advancement Monitoring

A new approach to improving confidence in low-level measurements of nanostructures

VMware Virtualization Overview White Paper

A Convergence of Pros and Cons

A Layman’s Guide to Neural Networks

Hadoop in Transition: From Proof-of-Concept to Production

AI and ML in the Oil and Gas Industry

AI in the Insurance Industry: 26 Real-World Use Cases

Identity Management and Security: An Advanced Guide

Work Anywhere

Embed Possibilities: Partnering with Qlik for Embedded Analytics

Controlling Costs in the Cloud: 8 Things Every CIO Must Consider

The Ultimate Guide to Applying AI in Business

Machine Learning and Why It Matters

Qlik Sense Architectural Overview

The Data Lake Survival Guide: The What, Why and How of the Data Lake

Digital Supply Chain Management

Best Ways to Extend Endpoint Management and Security to Mobile Devices

The Data Lake Survival Guide: The What, Why and How of the Data Lake

The 4th Era of IT Infrastructure: Superconverged Systems

Protecting Cloud Infrastructure Against Excessive Permissions

Creating a Safe Environment for Under-Protected APIs

How to Ensure Data Privacy in Public Clouds

Microservice Architectures Challenge Traditional Security Practices

2021 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report

IAM For The Hybrid Enterprise

Access Management

Leadership Compass Identity Fabrics

Eight Digital Best Practices for IT Professionals

Everything you need to know about eSignature

Eight Digital Best Practices for Sales Professionals™-Of-DocuSign-CLM.jpg

The Total Economic Impact™ Of DocuSign CLM

State of Systems of Agreement 2020

Rise of Home Enterprise

The Evolution of B2B Sales: Trends and Transformations

HR Trends Reports

Reducing Online Fraud and Risk During COVID-19

The Insider’s Guide to IP Geolocation Data During COVID-19

Cracking Down on Password Sharing?

Building Confidence in Geolocation Data

Beyond on-demand for DDoS defense

Cloudflare is Recognized as Leader in the 2020 SPARK Matrix of Bot Management Market

Common Browser Isolation Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Frost Radar Global Holistic Web Protection Market 2020

State Of Digital Transformation EMEA 2020

The Definitive Guide to Networking for Office 365

Redefine access to internal applications with Zscaler Private Access

4 Reasons Why It’s Time to Say Bye to VPN

People work > Paperwork 1025

Security Orchestration and Automation Playbook

4 Steps to Prove the Value of Your Vulnerability Management Program

Why Content Means More than Compliance

UC as a Service (UCaaS)

How the Combination of Message, Video, and Phone Will Reshape the Future of Work


Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse: The Future of Data Warehousing in the Cloud

From Ap Automation To Transformation: 5 Steps To Revolutionize Accounts Payable

Preparing your business for rapid transformation

The 2025 Imperative: Intelligent Automation Now

The Security Benefits of a Fully Managed Database Service: Oracle Autonomous Database

RingCentral: Secure Cloud  Communications and Collaboration

How Cornerstone can help your organization thrive in the COVID-era and beyond

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Deciding On A Talent Management System

Driving Immediate Value with a Cloud SIEM

Understanding the Real Cost of Your Business Communications System

Part 1: Defining the Skills Gap and Building a Cloud Foundation Team

Part 2: Shifting to a product-based model and positioning people for success

Part 3: Empowering teams and setting your business apart

The Data Flywheel: Building momentum by putting your data to work

Oracle Autonomous Database

The Machine Learning Journey™-for-Unified-Communications-and-Collaboration-2019.png

The Aragon Research Globe™ for Unified Communications and Collaboration, 2019

The leadership guide to empathy in the workplace

The 5 Steps Managers Should Be Taking After Employee Performance Reviews

2020 Cornerstone Cornerstone Performance Performance Management Survey

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse: The Future of Data Warehousing in the Cloud

The Future of Frictionless Work-Ensuring a Smooth Ride and Making It Stick

The Future of Frictionless Work—Ensuring a Smooth Ride and Making It Stick

Why a Traditional VPN Solution is Not Apt for Today’s Remote Workforce

Why a Traditional VPN Solution is Not Apt for Today’s Remote Workforce

The Workplace Effect Turning Companies Into Connected Communities

Undertaking Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Undertaking Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments


The Secure DevOps Imperative: Three Best Practices for Securing Cloud-native Applications

Unleash the power of your file data in the cloud

Automated Security at the Speed of DevOps

Automated Security at the Speed of DevOps

AppSec Trend Report

AppSec Trend Report

Adobe Acrobat DC with Document Cloud services security overview

Cloud Managed IT for the Modern Business

Rethink the way you print

The Honda Center’s nonstop digital connectivity fires up fans and revenues