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Migrate workloads to the public cloud : an essential guide & checklist

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Business transformation through application modernization in the cloud

The Cloud Threat Landscape: Security learnings from analyzing 500 cloud environments


Architecting for Scale How to Maintain High Availability and Manage Risk in the Cloud

CockroachDB The Definitive Guide Distributed Data at Scale

6 ways cloud computing can support your security capabilities

5 ways OpenShift on OpenStack can help you prepare for the future

Market Report

Demystifying Cloud Security: Dispelling Common Misconceptions for Robust Protection – Panoptica

Agile Data Governance

Kubernetes Patterns Reusable Elements for Designing Cloud-Native Applications

How enterprises approach legacy APPLICATION MODERNIZATION

Top 3 considerations to drive the selection of a Kubernetes platform

Modernize and automate IT asset management across hardware, software, and the cloud

The ultimate spend-smart IT asset management approach for digital transformation

Zendesk for Software & Cloud Services

Best practices in cloud spend management

Why it pays to have a single vendor for cloud communications and contact center

Turbocharge your CX with Zendesk and AWS

Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers

How Automation Anywhere is Winning at User Experience with SearchUnify

The Total Economic Impact of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud 2022

Enhancing Teams with enterprise-grade telephony

Remote Agent Playbook

Cloud contact centers for financial services: delivering agility and superior CX at scale

The Total Economic Impact of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud 2022

Consistently Grow a Profitable B2B Commerce Business


How the Office of Finance Drives Digital Resiliency


Hybrid Work Why it’s time to move your on-premises PBX to the cloud

CIO Guide: 4 steps to a risk-free cloud migration

How the Office of Finance Drives Digital Resiliency

Unified Communications as a service

The power of connection – Why you should integrate your business apps with UCaaS

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7 reasons to switch your on-premises PBX to the cloud

Get to Know Cloud Content Management for Government Agencies

Get to Know the Content Cloud

The Content Cloud and Zero-Trust Architecture

The Total Economic Impact of the Box Content Cloud

Get to Know the Content Cloud for Life Sciences

Cloud Content Management for Agile GxP Compliance

Optimize Live Video Streaming with Accelerated Transcoding

Powering Your Organization with an Agile Productivity Stack

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Best Practices for Cost Optimization in the Cloud

Data center

Ultimate Guide to Best Practices for Data Governance in the Cloud

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MEC in 5G networks

A collection of Network

MEC Deployments in 4G and Evolution Towards 5G

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Key Considerations When Making the Move to Office 365

Multiple Processing units

How HPE Gen10 Servers Drive Digital Transformation

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The Smart Way to Manage Support for your Open Source Software

A symbolic image of Cloud Network

From End of Support To Azure—A Migration Path

Cloud System

Cloud Threat Report 2019

Lift system

Old Workhorse for New Tech- Mainframe in the age of cloud, AI and blockchain

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Migration Guide: CA Single Sign-on to ForgeRock Identity Platform

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Qubole on Google Cloud Platform

State of the Cloud

IBM Power Systems Journey to the hybrid multicloud

Connect Sales and Service Around the Customer

Better Together: How Co-Innovation Is Driving Success for Startups

Zero Trust Evaluation Guide For the Workforce

Frost and Sullivan: How the Right IT Support Partner Can Help Accelerate Cloud Transformation

NetSuite OpenAir

Cloud Analytics: Think Big with Smart OLAPTM

Technical brief: IBM Cloud Resiliency Consulting Services

High Tech Companies Should Rethink Supply Chain Management with a Resilent Cloud Solution

Accelerate Business with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud

Adapt to the Cloud Operating Model

Hybrid Platform Recovery with DRaaS

TDWI Insight Accelerator: Adopting Modern, AI-Powered Cloud Data Management

Accelerate Business with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud

Technical brief: IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration

Five Best Practices For Cloud Security – Infographic

Transform Your Business with Machine Learning

Get therapies to market faster

Cloud Resiliency Orchestration by Kyndryl

Providing Threat Intelligence To Those In The Cloud

How Google Workspace Helps Protect Your Organization

Idc Whitepaper: Unified Data Cloud For Simplicity And Intelligence At Scale

Re-architecting to cloud native: an evolutionary approach to increasing developer productivity at scale

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Delivers High Business Value, Enables Organizations Through Cost-Efficient and Flexible Cloud Infrastructure and Applications

Definitive Guide to Network Visibility and Analytics in the Hybrid Cloud

Closing the Cloud Visibility Gap

Securosis Cloud Journeys

Google’s guide to innovation: How to unlock strategy, resources and technology

The Google Cloud Adoption Framework

Build a modern,unified analytics data platform with Google Cloud

Building a data lakehouse on Google Cloud Platform

Unpicking Vendor Lock-in

Cloud Automation for 5G Network

Derive Insights from Modern Data

Cloud-Driven Enterprise Transformation on AWS

3 Requirements for a Cloud First Strategy

7 Secrets to Selecting the Right ERP Solution

How a Comprehensive Cloud Business Solution Can Work Wonders

Docker on AWS: Running Containers in the Cloud

Using AWS in the Context of NHS Cloud Security Guidance

Amazon MSK Migration Guide

Public Sector Cloud Transformation

Web Application Hosting in the AWS Cloud

An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

Using Microsoft Power BI with the AWS Cloud

Reactive Systems on AWS

Guidance for NHS Trusts Adopting AWS Cloud Services

Disaster Recovery of Workloads on AWS: Recovery in the Cloud

Secure Content Delivery with Amazon CloudFront

Change Management in the Cloud

Amdocs Digital Brand Experience Platform in AWS Cloud

How Cloud Impacts the IT/Business Partnership

Workload Implementation on the Journey to the Cloud

Leveraging the Cloud Environment to Improve Operational Efficiency and the Customer Experience

How to Determine the True Costs of Clouds

6 Capabilities to Look for in a Cloud ERP

Developing an Enterprise Cloud Strategy the Right Way

Using the Cloud to Engage Customers, Employees, and Business

Leading from the Cloud

How to Streamline Your IT Operations with Next-Generation Systems Management Capabilities

5 Qualities of a Successful SAAS Provider

3 Functions of an ADC that Bridges the Gap between Tradition and Hybrid Infrastructure

3 Critical Factors that Drive Business Success from Cloud HR Projects

Establishing Your Cloud Foundation on AWS

Building a Data Perimeter on AWS

How to Ensure Your Enterprise Is Cloud-Ready

How Oracle Management Cloud Transforms Businesses

4 Things to Keep in Mind When It Comes to Cloud Implementation and Improving People Skills

AWS Cloud Data Ingestion Patterns and Practices

Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS

Best Practices for Building a Data Lake on AWS for Games

10 Predictions for the Cloud

4 Challenges and Benefits of a Cloud Application Architecture Platform

Why Proper Utilization of Cloud and Enterprise Storage Will Dictate Business Technology Success

5 Considerations for Transforming Your ECM Strategy with Cloud Content Management

Building the Case for Cloud Migration: Asset

10 Things to Expect When Moving to the Cloud

5 Ways Cloud Platforms Simplify Business Processes and IT

The #1 Question You Should Ask Any Potential DNS Vendor

What Are the Most Influential Skills for Cloud Professionals?

Advantages of a Cloud Managed IT

Why Fast-Growing Companies Adopt Cloud Financials to Accelerate Growth

How to Plan for a Multi-Cloud World

5 Reasons More Companies Choose WebEx Meetings

Why You Should Take Security in the Cloud

Is the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) the Model for the Cloud Era?

Business Case for All-Flash Arrays When Integrating Flash into the Cloud

What Is the Shared Responsibility Model?

The Flexible Solutions of Sitecore Experience Cloud

Workloads Designed for the Cloud and Modern Ecosystems

Why Executives Choose SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud

What the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Can Do for You

What Is Collective Intelligence and How Can It Boost Your Cloud Security Preparedness?

The Digital Field Service Effect Explained

Enterprise Cloud Strategy: What It Is and How It Works

How to Ensure Optimal Performance of Cloud Applications and Systems

Why Cloud Content Management Will Change the Game

Backup and Disaster Recovery with VMware on IBM Cloud

10 Ways to Spot Cloudwashing

5 Tips for Successful Disaster Recovery in the Multi-Cloud

What You Should Know Before Using the Public Cloud for Disaster Recovery

Using Cloud Foundry to Accelerate Software Deployment

Top Challenges Facing CIOs in a Cloud-Native World

5 Reasons Your Business Should Move to the Cloud

Visibility, Control, and Risk Management in Multi-Cloud Security

How Azure Active Directory Can Benefit Your Brand

Your Guide to the Multi Cloud Network

Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Resiliency Strategy as Your Business Adopts the Cloud

Dev-Test-Demo Environments

What is Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

Disciplined DevOps in the Enterprise

The Total Economic Impact of Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Reasons to Choose a Commerce Cloud Option

Cloud Security Solutions

Best Practices for Managing Multi-Clouds

Why Moats and Castles Are Losing Effectiveness in a Mobile and Cloud-First World

How Adobe Document Cloud Boosts Productivity and ROI

8 Business Dynamics Made for the Cloud

How Digital Transformation Drives Shift to a Cloud-Centric Enterprise

Why You Need a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Gaining a Competitive Edge In the Cloud

What Businesses Need to Know About Moving to the Cloud

6 Key Findings about Cloud Implementation

Selecting the Best Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Management Solution

5 Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Delivering Big Data Insights with the Cloud

A Modern Cloud Optimized Platform for Machine Learning and Analytics

How The Cloud Helps With Data Clutter

Appium TestNG Framework and Multi Device Automation Execution

Pivotal Cloud Foundry with T-Mobile

Optimizing Your Network For the Cloud First World

Best Practices for Moving Your Apps to the Cloud

Hybrid Database Platforms: The Best of Both Worlds

5 Steps to Develop Your Cloud Data Management Strategy

Discovering Couchbase

Is Your Head in the Cloud When It Comes To Database Management ?

The ROI of Oracle EPM Cloud vs. Hyperion On-Premises

6 Strategies for Transitioning to the Cloud

Understanding Cloud Architectures Impact in the World

Running SharePoint Server on Amazon Web Services

Database Migration Services For AWS Postgres

What SharePoint Public Preview 2019 Offers

Creating a Data-Enabled Organization

Cloud Migration: The Benefits of Rehosting to Azure

The Pros and Cons of a Serverless Architecture

Datavail Delivers Database Migration and Management Solutions on AWS

Moving MongoDB from On-Premises Data Center to AWS

Office 365 Data Protection: Filling the Gaps

11 Best Practices for Mobile Device Management

Embracing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

6 Steps to SIEM Success

What are the Different Phases of Agile DevOps?

5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Data with the Data Flywheel

Why Cloud Native Data Protection and Management Is Essential

5 Questions Every SaaS CFO Should Ask Their Controller

Taking SIEM to the Cloud

A Growth Hacking Cloud Management Platform for Managed Cloud Service Providers

Why Cloud Migration is another Step in Digital Transformation

Evaluating the Best Tools for Agile DevOps

Accelerate Your Modernization Efforts with a Cloud-Native Strategy

Remote Desktop Service in the Cloud

Planning, Deploying and Managing Multi-Cloud Storage

Executing an Effective Cloud Data Management Strategy

6 Strategies for Simplifying Hybrid and Multicloud Data Integration

Trends in Establishing a Data-Driven Enterprise

Cloud Computing: Establishing an Efficient Cloud

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Harness Data to Reinvent Your Organization

Building a Data-Driven Culture to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Covid-19 Impacts on Cloud Threats: Report

Privileged Access Cloud Security

The Ultimate Guide to Calculating Marketing Campaign ROI

KFC Enhances Data Sharing Capabilities and Improves Reporting with Snowflake

The Data Cloud For Dummies

Modern Customer Retention

Shift from Automation to Autonomous Software Testing®-Your.jpg

The Perfect Rapid Enterprise Cloud Transformation Partner for Infra, Apps, and Data

The Benefits of Automated Build and Run IT Operations Using an AI Platform

The Comprehensive Guide to Leveraging Amaze for Applications