HealthcareXRP Healthcare move forward as one entity for African M&A venture

In a bold move to address the challenges of the highly fragmented African healthcare sector, XRP Healthcare is excited to announce the incorporation of XRP Healthcare Africa, in Uganda. This strategic decision marks a significant step towards consolidating healthcare services and streamlining operations across the continent, fostering a more unified and efficient healthcare landscape.

XRP Healthcare recognizing the critical need for an integrated healthcare system, has taken decisive action by establishing XRP Healthcare Africa, in Uganda – a fully autonomous entity with a compliant legal structure to operate on the African continent.

This development is a testament to XRP Healthcare’s commitment to creating a sustainable and independent operational framework in Uganda and Africa.

“Our vision for XRP Healthcare Africa is to create a robust and unified healthcare entity that can efficiently address the needs of the African population,” stated CEO/Founder Kain Roomes at XRP Healthcare. “By consolidating our mergers and acquisitions local operations under XRP Healthcare Africa, we are eliminating dependencies on third-party entities such as The Burnratty Investment Group, which will no longer be part of our plans moving forward, but rather we have opted for a fully owned entity such as XRP Healthcare Africa, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive approach towards achieving our M&A goals here in Uganda.”

The Dubai-incorporated arm of XRP Healthcare, established last year in the UAE, will be pivotal in facilitating the organization’s acquisitions across the continent. Additionally, the recent incorporation of XRP Healthcare Africa in Uganda signifies a strategic move to enhance the company’s ability to manage local transactions and operations efficiently, further solidifying its presence and commitment to improving healthcare in Africa.

“Setting up XRP Healthcare Africa in Uganda is a critical step in our strategy to deepen our engagement with local communities,” explained Laban Roomes, Business Development Officer at XRP Healthcare. “This local incorporation allows us to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities within the African healthcare sector more effectively, ensuring that our efforts are closely aligned with the needs of the communities we serve.”

Over the coming weeks and months, XRP Healthcare is poised to share updates and progress on its journey to consolidate the fragmented healthcare sector in Uganda and beyond. This initiative underscores the organization’s dedication to raising funds independently and leveraging its consolidated structure to drive significant improvements in healthcare access, quality, and efficiency across Africa.

“We are thrilled to be streamlining and developing our local operations, now bolstered by an independent legal framework fully aligned with Uganda’s legal system,” said Chairman Whitney Lynn, who has over 45 years of experience in the M&A sector expressed his enthusiasm for the strategic direction of XRP Healthcare and the incorporation of XRP Healthcare Africa, in Uganda.

“The establishment of a cohesive and autonomous entity in Uganda marks a significant milestone in our journey. I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to reveal our plans and the progress we anticipate in Uganda. This move not only strengthens our commitment to the region but also sets the stage for a transformative impact on healthcare delivery across Africa.”


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