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The events industry thrives on connection, bringing people together to share ideas, forge partnerships, and experience something new. However, large gatherings can leave a significant environmental footprint. Thankfully, the rise of mobile and web apps is streamlining event logistics and promoting sustainability in innovative ways.

Why Sustainable Events Matter

The environmental impact of events is a growing concern. Large conferences and trade shows can generate vast amounts of waste, from paper flyers and plastic badges to leftover food and single-use water bottles. Travel emissions associated with attendee commutes further contribute to the industry’s carbon footprint.

Here’s why prioritizing sustainability in events is crucial:

  • Environmental Responsibility: The events industry has a significant impact on the planet. By adopting sustainable practices, we can reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.
  • Industry Standards: Sustainable events set a positive example, encouraging other organizers to follow suit. The industry can become greener as more events embrace sustainability and utilize sustainability apps.
  • Conscious Consumers: Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands and businesses prioritizing sustainability. Promoting your event’s green initiatives can attract eco-conscious attendees and give you a competitive edge.
  • Brand Image: Sustainability efforts enhance your brand image. Demonstrating a commitment to the environment fosters trust and creates a positive perception of your event.

The App Revolution: Tools for a Sustainable Future

Event apps are no longer just about registration and scheduling. A new wave of sustainability-focused apps empowers organizers to measure, track, and improve the environmental impact of their events. These apps address waste reduction, carbon offsetting, and sustainable sourcing, ultimately enhancing the environment and the attendee experience.

Top 5 Event Sustainability Apps

Let’s explore some of the leading sustainability apps currently transforming the events industry:

  • TRACE (by Isla): Developed by the non-profit Isla, which promotes event industry sustainability, TRACE is a carbon measurement platform. It provides real-time data on the environmental cost of events, whether in-person, hybrid, or online. Reports generated by TRACE allow organizers to identify areas for improvement and consciously lower their event’s carbon footprint. Users can track carbon emissions, waste generation, and other metrics to understand their environmental impact better. Supporting an organization actively promoting industry change adds another layer of value.
  • My Event Footprint: This free, web-based app simplifies transforming event sustainability data into engaging narratives. It analyzes data points like attendee numbers, transportation options, food choices, and even packing decisions. Based on this data, the app calculates the environmental impact on an individual or event-wide level. While not as complex as some paid options, My Event Footprint offers an easy-to-use tool for measuring and visualizing your event’s environmental footprint.
  • WeTrack Sustainability Module: WeTrack, a company specializing in event planning and control software, has recently launched a new sustainability module as part of its existing suite of tools. This module enables event organizers to view all their sustainability goals, track progress towards each goal, and generate impact reports. Currently in beta testing, this module is expected to become a powerful platform for sustainable event management, building upon the company’s established reputation for event management software.
  • Travel Carbon Calculator (by Ecolibrium): Developed in collaboration with Ecolibrium, a charity organization tackling travel emissions in the events industry, this free app empowers artists, planners, and attendees to track their carbon footprint associated with event travel. Users can calculate the environmental impact of their journeys and explore ways to offset emissions through donations to relevant charities and environmental projects. The app promotes proactive emission tracking, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and implement sustainable travel practices.
  • SpotMe: This event software provider offers a product to encourage attendees to participate in sustainable practices. During event registration, attendees are prompted to choose their travel mode, and the app estimates the associated carbon footprint. It suggests ways to make more sustainable choices, such as public transportation or carpooling. SpotMe also promotes hybrid events as a means to reduce travel emissions. Additionally, the platform offers a sustainability planning template, encouraging organizers to consider multiple areas for eco-friendly practices. Gamifying sustainable behaviors and finding alternatives to merchandise (which often ends up as waste) with valuable digital content are just a few ideas the template suggests.

The Future of Sustainable Events

The intersection of technology and sustainability in the events industry is still taking root, with exciting prospects for the future. Event organizers can also leverage general-purpose sustainability apps, such as food waste reduction apps, to minimize waste generated by their events. Encouraging attendees to utilize clothing rental or second-hand clothing apps for formal attire and promoting ride-sharing apps for greener transportation

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