InsightsThe Evolving Landscape of Event Promotion: Can Meta’s Threads Bridge the Gap?

The social media landscape for event promotion is undergoing a significant transformation. Once a dominant platform, Twitter has seen its influence wane due to a confluence of factors. The platform’s increasingly toxic environment and limitations imposed by Elon Musk’s ownership, such as the restriction on daily tweet visibility, have significantly hampered its appeal to event marketers. This decline has allowed new entrants to emerge and fill the void.

A Well-Timed Arrival: Meta’s Threads Enters the Fray

In July 2023, Meta launched Threads, a microblogging application with a striking resemblance to Twitter. This well-timed launch coincided with the growing dissatisfaction with Twitter, prompting speculation about Threads’ potential as an alternative platform for event promotion. However, a closer examination reveals that Threads has limitations that may restrict its immediate applicability in this domain in its current iteration.

Leveraging Existing Communities: A Strategic Advantage for Established Brands

One of the critical characteristics of Threads is its inherent connection to Instagram. Users can only sign up using their existing Instagram accounts and can only follow accounts they already follow on the platform. While facilitating a seamless transition for established Instagram communities (as evidenced by the impressive 30 million sign-ups within the first 24 hours), this approach limits Threads’ overall reach and discoverability. However, Threads presents a strategic advantage for event marketers with well-established Instagram followings. They can leverage this new platform to enhance their content strategy by seamlessly integrating text-based conversations with existing visual content on Instagram. This allows for a more nuanced approach, catering to visual learning preferences and the desire for deeper engagement through focused discussions.

Missing Features: Obstacles for Broader Event Promotion

For event marketers seeking a platform specifically designed for event promotion, Threads currently needs to catch up. The platform conspicuously needs several features crucial for broader outreach and discoverability. The need to be noticed is hashtags, a feature that facilitates event-related searches and trending topics, and a tool that allows users to capitalize on current events and conversations. Additionally, the platform launched without alternative forms of paid advertising, limiting its reach beyond organic discovery through existing connections. However, reports suggest that Meta is exploring future advertising options with media agencies and brands, hinting at potential future developments.

A More Civil Discourse: Fostering Positive Interactions

Despite its limitations as a promotional tool in its current form, Threads offers a seemingly more positive and professional environment compared to some established social media platforms. Users can delete inappropriate comments (similar to TikTok), potentially promoting a more thoughtful and respectful online discourse. This focus on fostering a positive user experience and Meta’s historical commitment to innovation suggests that Threads will likely see substantial upgrades and new features in the coming months.

Threads: A Boon for Existing Communities, But Can It Expand Its Reach?

Events that have successfully fostered year-round online engagement with their attendees are well-positioned to capitalize on the strengths of Threads. The platform caters to a more intimate, community-driven approach to social media, aligning well with current marketing trends and emphasizing fostering long-term relationships with audiences. However, for events seeking to broaden their reach and attract new participants, Threads, in its current form, offers limited value.

The Road Ahead: A Platform with Potential for Growth

Meta’s historical commitment to its ventures suggests that Threads will likely see significant investments in development. Introducing new features such as a robust search function, including hashtags and trending topics, and paying advertising options could transform Threads into a powerful tool for event promotion. However, the platform’s success hinges on achieving a critical mass of users beyond existing Instagram communities. Additionally, it will need to strike a delicate balance between fostering open communication and implementing practical moderation tools to maintain a positive user experience.


While Threads is still nascent, it presents an intriguing possibility for event promotion. Event marketers with established Instagram communities can leverage Threads to engage attendees further. However, the platform’s current limitations restrict its broader applicability. As Threads evolves, its potential as a tool for event promotion will become more apparent. Event organizers should closely monitor the platform’s development to determine if and how it can be integrated into their marketing strategies.

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