CloudUnbound Core Virtualizes Enterprise Cryptographic Orchestration

Unbound Security, the leader in secure cryptographic key orchestration, today unveiled its latest evolution of Unbound CORE which sets the standard for virtualized cryptography and revolutionizes encryption key management. CORE virtualizes key management and enables a single pane of glass view of all key use by virtualizing HSMs that fully integrate with existing physical and cloud HSMs, as well as other key stores. CORE leverages existing infrastructure, while realizing the benefits of adopting modern IT.

Prof. Yehuda Lindell, CEO at Unbound Security, comments: “Key management is becoming increasingly fragmented, which creates inefficiencies in enforcing policy and puts critical data at risk. This release represents a major milestone for Unbound, it’s why the leading global banks and large-scale enterprise customers have selected Unbound.  With CORE you can continue to support each enterprise’s own unique blend of physical and virtual infrastructures – while centrally enforcing policy and mitigating risk.”

The challenge that many enterprises face with their cryptographic footprint is that they must support applications for different clouds and key management systems, in on-premise, hybrid and multi cloud environments. This results in fragmentation of cryptographic operations, security, and policies, and strains resources. Unbound CORE simplifies management and key usage and ensures that policy is uniformly enforced across the enterprise. Unbound CORE also comes with a built-in MPC based FIPS 140-2 Level 2 key vault and virtual secure enclave that provides software-based protection with all the benefits of full virtualization.

The Unbound CORE platform enables enterprises to deploy a unified and secure approach to key management across multiple environments, no matter the locations via a single pane of glass. Unbound CORE includes “out of the box” support for existing physical HSMs by Thales, as well as Cloud HSMs, KMSs and Vaults like Azure, AWS, Google and Unbound’s own MPC Key Vault.  CORE can be deployed on-premise, on any cloud, across multiple clouds, and in hybrid environments – and eliminates vendor lock-in for cloud applications and key management systems.

Prof. Lindell, continued: “The purpose behind these latest updates is to continue to support each enterprise’s own unique blend of physical and virtual infrastructures – including existing HSMs and cloud-specific applications, while driving innovations.”

In addition, this newest release introduces advanced capabilities with CORE Virtual Enclave which seamlessly virtualizes cryptographic keys that were required to be kept in physical smartcards and hardware tokens. Unbound CORE replaces this approach with a new “virtual enclave”, and it is the only commercially available key protection solution that enables every endpoint device, inclusive of desktops, to have a virtual secure enclave where enterprises can store private keys with a trust level comparable to dedicated secure hardware. This creates a consistent level of security among all devices that connect to an enterprises’ applications.

Principal analyst, Michael D. Osterman of Osterman Research, a market research and consulting firm delivering insight on cybersecurity, data protection and information governance stated: “With 2020’s rapid cloud migration, we were surprised to see the pervasiveness across organizations of dangerous levels of insecurity in mobile and cloud-based apps, as well as APIs. By virtualizing your cryptographic infrastructure with a solution like CORE, not only do you omit the need to refactor your existing applications to support one too many clouds, but you also benefit from centrally being able to manage policy and security of all your encryption key, sensitive data and identities.

Unbound CORE creates a virtual mesh of an enterprise’s key management and protection devices, wherever they are. This provides a unified approach to key storage, giving organizations unbeatable security and the freedom to choose the key store that best suits their needs.

For more information on this latest release of CORE – please watch our latest video from our @theCOREofIT series with CEO and Co-founder, Prof. Yehuda Lindell or register for our November 2nd, 2021 webinar: Cryptographic Virtualization – The Shift to Modern IT.



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