NetworkingElevatus Surpasses One Million Video Assessments Completed Worldwide

Elevatus, the provider of the most comprehensive AI technology, today announced it has successfully delivered 1 million video assessments to date for its clients. This key milestone marks Elevatus’ salient growth, just two months after announcing its annual revenue growth of 200% in 2021 vs 2020. This achievement also illustrates the rapid adoption and implementation of video assessments worldwide.

Today, Elevatus’ more than 200 clients — including Samsung, Orange, Omantel, Arab Bank, Aujan Group, Al Habib Medical Group, Hyperpay, and MEPC — assessed a million candidates from all around the world in 5 different languages including English, Arabic, French, German, and Swedish. Elevatus’ video interviewing software “EVA-SSESS” enables companies to incorporate greater leniency and flexibility into the assessment process. Which allows candidates to take their video assessments at a time and place that is more aligned with their busy schedules.

EVA-SSESS helps companies of all sizes pinpoint and hire talented people in less time. It uses modern science and AI to support employers and recruiters in evaluating candidates faster. Allowing them to spend more time with the right candidates and less time on manual tasks. Where they can relentlessly innovate the hiring process with merit-based, fair, and unbiased video assessments.

What makes EVA-SSESS unique is the AI model answer feature which is highly intuitive, comprehensive, and currently unmatched worldwide. With this feature, clients can use their model answer as a benchmark when assessing video assessments. A relevancy percentage will then be generated for each answer submitted by the candidates, which represents how close and relevant their answers are to the model answer. As a result, this intelligent AI algorithm can exponentially help clients save over 90% of their time, filter out correct answers quickly, eliminate guesswork, and make better hiring decisions.

“Completing our 1 millionth video assessment is a testament to our outstanding achievements in HR with our AI video interviewing software. This accomplishment establishes Elevatus as a powerful market leader that is transforming and enhancing the way world-class companies hire top talent.” shared Yara Burgan, CEO of Elevatus. “We strongly believe that this adoption will continue to accelerate, as it’s helping companies get a more dynamic and in-depth view of candidates. With our AI-driven video assessments, companies can now eliminate the many historical barriers that kept them from identifying top performers and cultivating a more skillful workforce.”

This turning point follows on the heels of other key milestones for Elevatus, including:

1. Being awarded and ranked as the best hiring platform in the UK, twice.
2. Integrating with world-class technology providers such as SAP, Oracle, Central Test, 2,000+ job boards, and more.
3. Developing new AI algorithms, world-class features and growing its advanced line of technologies in less than a year.

Automating and democratizing the hiring process is the foundation on which Elevatus stands. Elevatus’ accomplishments today reaffirm its leadership in designing AI software that is currently revolutionizing the way companies discover, engage and hire talent.



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