Data Management PlatformSpinergie’s digital fleet management platform selected by Seaward Services for remote monitoring and performance optimization

Full-service vessel management company Seaward Services, Inc. has selected maritime technology company Spinergie to deploy its comprehensive Smart Fleet Management solution across its fleet of offshore vessels.

Seaward Services, Inc., a subsidiary of global maritime transportation leader Hornblower Group,  operates a fleet of Jones Act-compliant multipurpose service vessels (MPSVs) and crew transfer vessels (CTVs). The CTV fleet is engaged in offshore wind operations along the US East Coast.

When seeking a digital fleet management solution for their expanding fleet, Seaward Services Inc. selected Spinergie for its experience integrating marine data sources and deploying dynamic analytics environments. Through its customizable Smart Fleet Management solution, Spinergie has integrated various systems into a singular analytics platform for shoreside operations personnel to manage the fleet remotely.

Through Smart Fleet ManagementSeaward Services, Inc. can remotely monitor vessel activity with high precision, coordinating shoreside activity and ensuring compliance with safe operating procedures offshore. Seaward can then make further assessments using operational context gathered through crew logbooks, weather sources, and GIS algorithms that associate vessel tracks with offshore project areas and sensitive environmental regions. This data is processed through a tailored, interactive KPI dashboard that drills down into the most important operational metrics.

This robust data collection, processing, and analysis allows Seaward Services, Inc. to pinpoint performance improvement opportunities by benchmarking individual voyages against these metrics. For instance, fuel consumption is better managed with deeper insights into the drivers behind past results. Safe operations are verified by evaluating sea states at the time of work activity offshore.

Spinergie’s solution ensures that shoreside personnel no longer must rely on daily position reports or VHF calls to confirm the status of vessels at sea. This information is updated in real-time and supported by an alert system to draw attention to key events and operating behaviors. Through integrations with logbook and engine room data sources, Seaward Services, Inc. can instantly generate custom reports, allowing crew to focus on their mission and spend less time on administrative work.

By leveraging Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management solution, Seaward Services, Inc. gains a powerful tool for fleet performance to bolster its growing operations.

QUOTE FROM Seaward Services, Inc.:

Scott Keever, Vice President of International and Offshore Operations, commented:
Seaward Services’ continued role as a leader in offshore vessel operations is built on our expert crew’s ability to leverage new technologies and data-driven insights to deliver more efficient and sustainable services across our global fleet of vessels. Integrating Spinergie’s Smart Fleet Management solution will allow our team to pair its on-the-water operational expertise with real-time insights and detailed data analytics to increase fleet efficiency and safety, lessen environmental impact, and drive the future of offshore operations.”

QUOTE FROM Spinergie:

Patrick Sanguily, Spinergie General Manager, Americas, commented: 
“We appreciate the opportunity to work with Seaward Services, providing critical solutions for their versatile fleet of offshore vessels. It’s an excellent case study on the benefits available to maritime companies willing to leverage the data generated by their daily operations.”


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