Data Management PlatformDatometry Announces Support for Oracle Workloads on Azure Flexible Server

Datometry, the pioneer in database system virtualization, announced today support for Oracle workloads on Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server. Using Hyper-Q, enterprises can rapidly move complete workloads from legacy Oracle databases to Flexible Server without having to modify their SQL code.

Transitioning from Oracle to PostgreSQL-based database management systems is among the top priorities of any IT organization. By moving to Flexible Server, enterprises get the benefits of one of the most popular open-source databases but also realize considerable savings in license and maintenance fees. However, according to analyst estimates, 80% of all database migrations fail to achieve their goals because of the technical challenges posed by required modifications of existing applications.

With Datometry Hyper-Q, enterprises now have a unique way to overcome these migration challenges. Instead of altering the application code, Hyper-Q makes existing applications work directly with Flexible Server. Hyper-Q translates and emulates the original SQL code on-the-fly, thus making conventional migrations obsolete.

Hyper-Q is universally applicable and supports any existing application previously run on Oracle, regardless of the programming language used to build it. Hyper-Q makes migrating Oracle applications to Flexible Server simple and safe. The combination of Hyper-Q and Flexible Server offers customers the fidelity of a drop-in replacement for Oracle.

“As enterprises move to Microsoft Azure, our partner Datometry can drastically lower the barriers to entry,” said Yvonne Muench, Sr. Director Marketplace & ISV Journey, Microsoft. “Customers save time and money thanks to Datometry.”

“We’re thrilled to announce our Oracle support for Flexible Server,” said Mike Waas, CEO of Datometry. “Partnering with Microsoft, we empower IT leaders to transition to Flexible Server rapidly without the risks normally associated with database migrations.”

Datometry Hyper-Q is available via Azure Marketplace, directly from Datometry, and its premier partners.


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