Artificial IntelligenceAetina Accelerates Embedded AI with High-performance, Small Form-factor Aetina IA380E-QUFL Graphics Card

Aetina, a leading Edge AI solution provider, announced the launch of the Aetina IA380E-QUFL at Embedded World 2024 in NurembergGermany. This groundbreaking product is a small form factor PCIe graphics card powered by the high-performance Intel Arc A380E GPU.

Unmatched Power in a Compact Design

The Aetina IA380E-QUFL delivers workstation-level performance packed into a low-profile, single-slot form factor. This innovative solution consumes only 50W, making it ideal for space and power-constrained edge computing environments. Embedded system manufacturers and integrators can leverage the power of 4.096 TFLOPs peak FP32 performance delivered by the Intel Arc A380E GPU[1].

Beyond Small Size: Big Capabilities

Despite its compact size, the IA380E-QUFL offers native support for 4 mini-DisplayPort outputs and 6GB of GDDR6 memory, enabling the connection of multiple high-resolution displays (UHD). This makes the IA380E-QUFL an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including commercial gaming, video walls, medical imaging, and visual inference for smart cities.

“The demand for slim and energy-efficient AI systems is rapidly escalating,” said Jackal Chen, Senior Product Manager at Aetina. “The Aetina IA380E-QUFL addresses this need head-on, offering a powerful GPU solution in a compact, single-slot form factor with minimal power consumption. This empowers developers to create powerful and efficient edge systems for a wide range of applications.”.

Unparalleled Commitment: 5-Year Product Supply

Acknowledging the critical need for long-term product stability in industrial applications, Aetina ensures a 5-year product supply for the Aetina IA380E-QUFL, which streamlines system roadmaps and reduces the need for costly redesign. Our commitment is aligned with Intel’s announced product plans for the Intel Arc A380E GPU.[1]



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