Artificial IntelligenceoToBrite Develops a Compact All-Weather Vision-AI Driver Monitoring System for the Commercial Vehicle Market

oToBrite, a leading provider of vision-AI ADAS solutions, has successfully developed a compact all-weather vision-AI Driver Monitoring System (DMS). With a high-sensitivity automotive-grade global shutter image sensor, the system achieves outstanding Quantum Efficiency (QE), providing clear image quality day and night. With oToBrite’s proprietary secondary optical system, the overall combination effectively enhances the accuracy and reliability of the vision-AI algorithm in all weather conditions. The DMS has already been successfully delivered to heavy commercial vehicle manufacturers, mitigating the potential risks of traffic accidents.

oToBrite’s vision-AI DMS utilizes self-developed AI 3D facial landmark technology to identify over 100 driver IDs and recognize driving behaviors, including smoking, phone use, distraction, fatigue. The system remains effective even when drivers wear Level 3 sunglasses or coated glasses, without compromising the detection and recognition capabilities of vision-AI.

The vision-AI DMS features a 940nm infrared and high-QE sensor, coupled with oToBrite’s proprietary optical design, ensuring clear images in strong light conditions (>120K lux) or during nighttime driving. Additionally, oToBrite’s vision-AI technology optimizes facial image quality, ensuring accurate AI recognition whether driving against sunlight, backlight, or through tunnels.

Miniaturization is a significant trend in driver monitoring applications. oToBrite further emphasizes that, compared to many systems on the market requiring multiple LEDs for sufficient illumination, the DMS only needs one LED to meet the system’s image quality requirements. In terms of hardware technology, oToBrite’s secondary optical system adjusts the LED light source to any angle to meet light distribution needs. Concentrating the light source can double the illumination, producing more reliable images for AI recognition. This also reduces optical component usage, enhances image clarity, and saves installation space and system costs.

According to the 2023 market research report by Gii, the DMS market reached $1.3 billion in 2022, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.3% by 2028, reaching $20.8 billion. Currently, several countries are drafting or have implemented regulations, and driven by regulatory demand, oToBrite’s compact all-weather vision-AI DMS has begun mass production, contributing to achieving Vision Zero. Read more


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