CloudSEI & Medtrics partnership: Bringing telemedicine service to Android TV

SEI Robotics Inc, a global innovator of smart IOT devices & provider of Android TV platforms for Pay-TV operators (MVPD), announced its strategic partnership with Medtrics Inc, The Silicon Valley startup, leader of the digital health service specialized for IoT devices. The two companies are jointly developing a real-time telemedicine system with fully automated ECG analytic features. The system would be able to provide real time heart disease analytics and to generate medical grade reports for physician consumption.

“It is a very exciting first step to engage with SEI. We are transforming the MVPD set-top boxes to the digital health center of your family! Our solution is optimized for low latency response with high fault tolerance of source signals. ECG monitoring is just the beginning. Everyone should have the right to enjoy a healthy life. Our mission is to provide affordable preventive care with our technologies for every household,” commented Rex Ching and Robin Chan, co-founders of Medtrics. According to the product design team, the platform will have telemedicine features, powered by Medtrics hybrid data analytic and machine learning microservice, meanwhile it is also central gateway of IoT to link smart home accessories. SEI, integrated solution provider of Video and Audio, has been bonded with various network operators worldwide as strategic partner. The solution supports a wide variety of ECG monitors with bluetooth low energy (BLE) enabled. A reference monitor was developed to showcase the simplicity of hardware requirement by just using an Arduino board plugging into an audio amplifier with 2 wires to harvest the raw ECG signals.

The partnership is projected to unlock a potential digital health market of 100M households globally. The roadmap of both companies reveals future plans to distribute more advanced services such as PPG heart monitoring, chromosome karyotyping and many other vital and medical imaging analytic services in near future.


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