Content MarketingWunder Mobility Launches Its Own Sharing Ready E-Bike Co-developed With Yadea

Wunder Mobility, the international provider of software and hardware for new mobility services, has launched its first co-developed e-bike. Unveiled at the Wunder Mobility Summit 2021, the new bike has been designed in partnership with Yadea, specifically for shared use. It boasts an industry-topping range of 120km, comes with a speed of 25 km/h, and is specifically designed for European markets.

The e-bike’s launch follows the recent IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report which drastically shows that CO2 emissions must be substantially reduced.

As an environmentally friendly mode of transport, bike-sharing is expected to grow 11% worldwide by 2025. During COVID-19, spurred on by booming consumer demand, many city authorities have increased their efforts to make their cities more bike-friendly. Initiatives include pop-up lanes and new cycleways. Political commitments to a transition to the Green Economy continue to drive investment in cycling infrastructure.

Working with Yadea, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric two-wheel vehicles, Wunder Mobility’s own e-bike is a leap forward in design to help shared mobility operators capitalise on increasing opportunity. The companies are building on their long-standing relationship with Wunder Mobility’s software integrating with Yadea vehicles since 2019.

Taking shared e-bike performance to the next level

This is the first time an e-bike has been co-designed with Wunder Mobility’s technology and insight at its core. It combines Wunder Mobility’s data-driven understanding of the needs of operators and their users with Yadea’s market leadership in design and manufacturing.

With a range of 120km the e-bike far exceeds the industry average of 70-80km and is based on rider biometrics which best fit the European market. It is equipped with a motor lock and a smart lock for dual security – a rear wheel cover enclosing the locking mechanism to prevent tampering and offering space for marketing purposes. A swappable battery, firmware updates over the air and a built-in IoT connector which comes with Wunder Mobility software provide further ease of use for operators.

Gunnar Froh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wunder Mobility, said:
“Cycling is one of the key solutions for reducing mobility emissions. Through our collaboration we have produced a better performing e-bike for both the operator and the cyclist. This will play a vital role in helping cities and their citizens to achieve green goals and boost wellbeing through exercise. Superior range, weight and security coupled to our powerful platform will enable more short city journeys and cleaner and healthier longer distance urban travel.”

Heidi Zang, Overseas Director at Yadea, said:
“The extensive market research, analysis and design development behind this e-bike has deepened our close collaboration with the team at Wunder Mobility. A market-dominating high range, low weight and uncomplicated maintenance sets new standards and complements the product portfolio of environmentally friendly urban mobility solutions. The simple and smooth design is unique in the sharing field, attracting consumers’ attention and encouraging them to choose this e-bike.”

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