Artificial IntelligenceLALAL.AI Users Can Now Split Videos Into Vocals and Instrumentals

LALAL.AI, an online AI-powered source separating service, now supports splitting video files along with audio formats.

From now on, premium LALAL.AI users are able to upload input files in AVI, MP4 and MKV in addition to existing audio formats. Thus, extracting instrumentals and voices from clips and movies is now available for Lite and Professional clients. The output is available in audio formats only.

“With LALAL.AI, users now can split both video clips and audio tracks into vocals and instrumentals. So far, LALAL.AI allows uploading videos as input files only. We are working on letting our users download split video clips as well, just as they do with audio files,” says Nikolay Pogorskiy, Lead Engineer.

Video upload with voice and backtrack audio extraction are exclusively available to Lite and Professional customers. Free users can input and output files in audio formats: MP3, OGG and WAV.

The updated functionality can be tested on the LALAL.AI website now.


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