Artificial IntelligenceCOMPUTEX 2021 Virtual Concludes with Digitally Huge Success

The COMPUTEX 2021 Virtual concluded on June 30. Together with virtual exhibitors from 34 countries, the event organizer, TAITRA, embraced digital transformation and launched the inaugural #COMPUTEXVirtual on an intelligent platform by leveraging AI technology. Tech giants gathered at the event and heated up the technology discussion. Over 1,839 media outlets were distributed during the month-long event. By breaking geographical barriers, the tradeshow brought together approximately 400,000 visitors from over 117 countries, with the majority of visitors coming from Japan, the US, IndiaChina, Korea, BrazilVietnamSri LankaIndonesia and Malaysia. To highlight, 70% of the visitors were first-time-comers to COMPUTEX. The impressive turnout signified COMPUTEX’s role as a leading and innovative global technology tradeshow.

Tech giants gathered at COMPUTEX 2021 Virtual
TAITRA invited more than 20 CEOs and senior executives to deliver keynotes on #COMPUTEXVirtual, including AMD, Arm, Check Point Software, Delta, Far EasTone Telecom, IBM, Intel, Micron, NVIDIA, NXP, QCT, Qualcomm, Siemens, Supermicro and WIN Semiconductors, which had attracted over 2 million views through the keynotes and forums streaming videos. The discussion of “Global Technology Ecosystem” came into focus and Taiwan was mentioned multiple times as the critical partner to the industry.

Virtual displays with Gaming as the most searched keyword
Leading companies and institutions such as Acer, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Garage+ from the Epoch Foundation, GIGABYTE, and Intel set up pavilions to showcase the latest technologies. The #InnoVEXVirtual, an exclusive exhibit for startups, gathered 81 startups from 21 countries, including National Pavilions from FranceSouth Koreathe Netherlands, and the first-ever EBRD pavilion. Meanwhile, Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc+) and the TYC Startup Pavilion showcased Taiwanese and worldwide innovations.

As a platform driving future innovations, COMPUTEX 2021 Virtual teamed up with Appier, a Taiwanese unicorn, in introducing AI computing to #COMPUTEXVirtual. By providing accurate recommendations, facilitating video conferences, catering to meeting requests and supporting instant messaging, these technologies made it possible for TAITRA to provide an optimal experience and digital journey to all visitors. Gaming and XR, 5G Communication & Networking and InnoVEX were the most popular sections in the exhibition, around a million interactions were recorded. “Gaming” was noteworthy as the most searched keyword throughout the event, which illustrated the pandemic continuously came with a surge in industry development in gaming peripherals, telecom and innovations.

COMPUTEX d&i awards carries on the mission to extend business matchmaking opportunities
TAITRA also hosted matchmaking events during COMPUTEX 2021 Virtual. 223 sessions were arranged with buyers and exhibitors from 28 countries/regions. In addition, TAITRA will organize 2021 COMPUTEX d&i awards onsite tours in Japan and Malaysia to promote the winning products this October to demonstrate advanced technologies.

COMPUTEX 2022 will return from May 24 to 27 in Hybrid format
COMPUTEX 2022 will take place in Hybrid format from May 24 to 27, 2022. TAITRA will carry forward this year’s success and continue to optimize the exhibition experience for building global technology ecosystems.


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