CloudColorTokens Partners with Paramount to Empower Middle East Customers in their Zero Trust Journeys

ColorTokens, a pioneer in Zero Trust-based cybersecurity solutions, has signed a partnership agreement with Paramount Computer Systems, a market-leading provider of products and services for securing the information assets of enterprises in the Middle East.

The partnership will see Paramount provide Middle East enterprises across verticals such as BFSI, logistics, aviation and more with ColorTokens’ Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform, which includes Xshield for Workload Visibility and Segmentation, Xprotect for Endpoint and Host Protection and Xassure for Zero Trust as a Service. The platform is designed to help security teams proactively protect endpoints, contain and respond to zero-day attacks while seamlessly integrating with existing security tools.

Organizations today are embracing digital transformation at breakneck speed. With businesses rapidly shifting to cloud environments, cybersecurity is becoming a huge concern due to the incapability of legacy systems to deal with the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks. This has given rise to the need for a unique and holistic approach to cybersecurity.

A leader in deploying Zero Trust security at critical points, ColorTokens offers an easy-to-deploy, cloud-delivered platform that goes far beyond the perimeter. The ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform provides real-time visualization and segmentation across the entire IT infrastructure, ensuring business resiliency to cyber threats across hybrid networks and edge while enabling operational flexibility.

“Digital transformation in today’s modern workplace means enterprises are adopting multi-cloud strategies, with an increased focus on dynamic microservices. Traditional security approaches assume that everything within an enterprise network can be trusted. Zero Trust is a significant departure from this mindset as it centers on the belief that a user or device is untrustworthy until proven otherwise. In today’s world, adversaries don’t stop at the point of breach, they move laterally across networks to reach targeted data and assets,” said Lee Ealey-Newman, VP Channels for EMEA at ColorTokens. “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Paramount, their extensive cloud capabilities and market expertise combined with our cutting-edge solutions can enable us to successfully empower regional organizations in their Zero Trust journeys.”

Suhas Varambally, SVP, Paramount, said: “As organizations continue to embrace cloud transformation, a proactive approach to cybersecurity is the need of the hour. To stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, adopting micro-segmentation and a software-defined perimeter (SDP) has become crucial for modern enterprises. By integrating ColorTokens’ ground-breaking, end-to-end Zero Trust solutions into our portfolio, we can provide our clients with future-proof protection for their increasingly hybrid infrastructures.”

Garreth Scott, Managing Director, Credence Security, said: “Cyber threats are adapting to the dynamic way people work today, making it crucial for organizations to revamp their security strategies. As ColorTokens’ value-added distributor, this new partnership with Paramount is reflective of our commitment to expanding their foothold in the region. We believe that Paramount’s longstanding market expertise makes them the perfect partner to help regional customers leverage ColorTokens’ solutions to move from a conventional security approach to a foolproof, advanced Zero Trust model.”


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