Advertising & PromotionAmobee Partners with ID5 to Pioneer an EMEA Cross-Device Graph Solution for the Post-Cookie World

Amobee, a global leader in advertising technology that unifies audiences across TV, digital and social, and ID5, the market-leading identity solution provider, today announce an industry-first cross-device graph, which will support Amobee’s identity capabilities in the EMEA region.

Amobee’s agnostic approach to identity focuses on ingesting and stitching together multiple meta graphs, allowing marketers to deploy a combination of solutions fit to their bespoke needs. Given the challenges posed by Europe’s fragmented advertising ecosystem, Amobee sought a solution that would offer local and international media buyers a holistic view of devices, persons and households. Amobee’s evaluation criteria included compliance with GDPR and regulatory practices, existing EMEA scale, and the ability to integrate with their other user and panel-based identity strategies. ID5’s vision, product and long-term viability scores exceeded all other providers evaluated.

The pairing of ID5’s universal identifier and cross-device graph improves audience addressability and reach across cookieless environments, driving more efficient performance, and greater transparency into campaign measurement across all digital advertising environments, including CTV, without relying on traditional identification methods.

ID5’s strong privacy-first approach to identity has been pivotal to this European partnership. The identity solution provider is powered by a privacy-by-design technology that follows the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework as well as the strictest regulatory standards. ID5 only uses consented signals to generate an ID and to reconcile it across domains and devices which ensures that consumers’ privacy preferences are respected and enforced in the advertising value chain.

Joseph Quaglia, VP of Sales and Business Development at ID5: “We are excited to welcome Amobee as ID5’s newest partner, the first to leverage ID5’s cross-device solution for Europe. The partnership demonstrates Amobee’s vision for a more privacy friendly advertising industry and is an investment in next generation identity solutions. By choosing ID5 to solve for some of the gaps created due to the deprecation of cookies, Amobee is ensuring they will continue to lead the market in targeting, optimization, and performance measurement across all digital devices well into the future.”

Piper Heitzler, Head of Growth, EMEA at Amobee: “Given our unique position to connect, rather than compete, with identity solution providers, we welcome ID5’s capabilities into our larger identity offering as we seek out innovative cookie alternatives. After a rigorous review of all the identity provider options in the EMEA region, it was quickly evident that only ID5 has proven success in navigating the fragmentation of the European programmatic ecosystem by driving collaboration, at scale, across publishers, supply side and data partners in all major markets.”

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