CloudZone & Co Acquires International NetSuite Partner Fast Four and Announces Goal to Accelerate Global NetSuite Development and Adoption

Zone & Co, a leading NetSuite development accelerator for financial operations software, has acquired Fast Four, a premier international NetSuite Partner and SuiteCloud Developer. Built from similar origins, the Fast Four team will join Zone as part of the transaction. Fast Four leadership, including CEO Hylke Sluis, will focus on developing Zone’s global NetSuite presence and strengthening the company’s services capabilities and SuiteApps platform: Zone Apps, built for NetSuite.

The Zone Apps platform, built for NetSuite, allows fast-growing finance teams to eliminate time-intensive, retroactive manual work in favor of accelerated and automated forward-looking processes. Zone Apps empower users to rapidly deploy and scale financial solutions across the business completely in NetSuite, enabling groundbreaking automation features inside NetSuite like any-way-you-want billing, advanced revenue recognition capabilities, third-party payment provider integrations, accounts payable, and more.

“Over the next twelve months, Zone and Fast Four’s plan, like our mission, is simple,” said Derek Zanga, co-founder and President, Zone & Co. “We’ll be doing everything we can to accelerate SuiteApp and feature development, so that our existing product suite becomes faster, better, and stronger for our global customers, while identifying use cases and customer needs to continuously add to our growing product pipeline.”

“In the past two years we saw tremendous growth in our business.” said Hylke Sluis, co-founder and CEO, Fast Four. “We welcomed hundreds of new customers and grew our team from 20 to 70 employees. We opened offices in 6 countries and had a privilege to work with so many great staff, partners and customers. We were also able to take our products to places that we would not have imagined two years ago. Now we want to accelerate what we started. To improve our products quicker. To service our customers even better. We want to grow our products and services with more expertise, experience and great people. To realize our ambitions we found the perfect fit in joining Zone & Co. A company with a similar background and a similar DNA. Together we will be bigger, stronger and better. We could not be more excited.”

Zone & Co recently closed $76 million in funding led by Insight Partners in an effort to accelerate the growth of Zone & Co’s premier SuiteApp, ZoneBilling, and development of new advanced NetSuite products. Throughout this investment, the company will exponentially expand its market reach and bring unparalleled efficiency and automation to NetSuite customers in almost any industry.

The inclusion of Fast Four’s impressive ecosystem of SuiteApps and NetSuite services bolsters Zone & Co’s ability to deliver a broader product offering within NetSuite. It will unlock new capabilities within the platform to reduce the friction and time required for customers to procure, implement, and build out their NetSuite environments for scale.

By expanding their NetSuite instance to cover the entirety of lead to revenue, procure to pay, record to report, and other key financial processes–instead of using third-party applications or homegrown solutions–businesses gain increased financial visibility, auditability, and efficiencies across the business due to unified data, automated workflows, and centralized access. This means fewer errors, faster closes, quicker payments, and less clicks, all while staying compliant with industry and federal regulations.

“It’s an exciting time to be on the cutting edge of cloud financial software developing critical tools for businesses growing at unprecedented rates,” Zanga added. “Never before has the power of technology been so fully realized for finance teams, and we’re lucky enough to build this on a platform as powerful as Oracle NetSuite. We’re excited about combining teams with Fast Four and becoming a leader in the global acceleration of NetSuite development with our 200 worldwide employees in development, professional services, and go-to-market specialties.”

About Zone & Co
Zone & Co’s mission is to make life easier for finance teams by accelerating the development of groundbreaking cloud software built on the Oracle NetSuite platform, the #1 cloud ERP/Financials system supporting over 28,000 businesses globally. The company was founded in 2013 by Derek Zanga (CEO) and Errol Fagone (CTO) when they saw the untapped potential of NetSuite to handle advanced financial operations at scale. For more information on Zone & Co and all its products, visit or follow us on LinkedIn:


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