Artificial Launches INBOX – an Omnichannel Agent Assist Platform to Elevate Customer and Agent Experience, the world’s leading customer experience (CX) automation platform, trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally, today announced the launch of a new solution – the ‘INBOX’ – a unified omnichannel customer support helpdesk for agents to seamlessly manage customer queries across 35+ conversational channels. With an intuitive UX, INBOX enables agents to handle requests from a single dashboard in any language, offering complete customer history with superior context, reducing query resolution time.

As per Gartner, low-effort experiences for customers cuts costs by reducing ~40% repeat calls, 50% escalations and 54% channel switching. When service representatives provide better experiences, they feel better about their jobs, and intent to stay increases by upto 17%.’s automation-first approach to handling customer requests, live-agent handoffs and exception handling is redefining how businesses offer customer support and improve CSAT (customer satisfaction).

Commenting on the launch, Rashid Khan, CPO and Co-founder, said, “INBOX is a sophisticated, yet easy to operate, email based automated ticketing system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets with the right information at the right time. It integrates and manages all customer information in one place, so that communication between businesses and their customers is efficient, relevant, and personal.”

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-founder, said, “Our AI-powered automation solutions are designed to provide speed, convenience and consistency. But most importantly we believe in ensuring the human touch for truly memorable CX – that is, creating real connections by making technology feel more human and giving employees what they need to create better customer experiences.”

Capable of integrating with leading CRM systems, INBOX streamlines customer interactions from different communication channels – voice, email, social-media, website, and app into a single contextual conversation, transforming customer support into a more logical and efficient process.’s INBOX boosts CX by:

  • Providing comprehensive view of support tickets across channels in a single place
  • Automating tasks and allowing agents to respond faster
  • Access to ‘Contacts’ providing complete history of customers across channels to provide superior context for better problem-solving
  • Auto-translation to remove language barriers
  • Resolving the right conversation(s) so that no query is left out
  • SLAs (service-level agreement) and escalation mechanisms for business efficiency
  • Sending proactive notifications on whatsapp and other channels to stay in touch with customers
  • Providing intuitive UI with agent productivity features to resolve tickets within minutes
  • Voice and video calling abilities for personalised support experience
  • Low/no-code workflow builder for deep customisation

One of’s largest clients in SouthEast Asia experienced a 20% increase in CSAT scores post deploying INBOX for customer support. The company’s Conversational AI solutions combine its proprietary NLP and NLU engine, multi-factorial intent recognition capabilities and deep learning-based insights engine, to deliver total customer experience at scale.


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