CloudTidalScale Announces Availability of its Software-Defined Server Technology on IBM Cloud

TidalScale today announced the availability of its software-defined server technology on IBM Cloud, designed to enable customers to create and deploy servers of virtually any size in just minutes, offering agility and performance all while addressing costs and long-term commitments.

In today’s digital economy, data has become a valuable asset for organizations. To help maximize the value of their data, companies need to ensure that all active processing takes place in-memory, which can require expensive servers. TidalScale’s software-defined server technology allows customers to address this ever-growing data challenge by providing in-memory computing capacity on-demand by dynamically aggregating compute and memory resources across multiple lower-cost servers.

TidalScale’s software-defined server technology is designed to allow organizations to customize their systems to ‘right size’ their data for high-value workloads such as Oracle Database, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server and data analytics, amongst others. The technology is designed to provide customers more agility in configuring their systems to help optimize performance, while addressing cost and no-long term commitments. Now all that functionality is available on the IBM Cloud.

Gary Smerdon, President & CEO, TidalScale:
“We are excited to be working with IBM to bring to market TidalScale’s software-defined server technology on IBM Cloud. To maximize the value of their data, customers must deploy their high value workloads on a right sized system to ensure peak performance while controlling costs. Our award-winning technology offers increased agility to help ensure the optimal system is deployed no matter what data growth is expected in the coming months and years. We believe IBM Cloud offers the highest level of reliability, security, and scalability which is the perfect complement to TidalScale’s innovative technology.”

Walter Falk, Manager and Head of IBM Cloud Partner Business Development:
“We are pleased to collaborate with TidalScale and provide an open hybrid cloud platform that enables them to effectively bring their software-defined server technology to clients. The combination of IBM Cloud and TidalScale’s capabilities will help provide clients with more flexibility to determine the right sized system for their mission-critical workloads. We believe this will help clients experience faster deployments while addressing performance and cost objectives, and the ability to adjust as requirements change over time.”

TidalScale is part of IBM’s partner ecosystem, an initiative to support partners of all types – whether they build on, service or resell IBM technologies and platforms – to help clients manage and modernize workloads. TidalScale is leveraging IBM’s Cloud Engagement Fund, established as part of IBM’s $1B investment into its partner ecosystem, to access technical resources and cloud credits to support migration of client workloads to hybrid cloud environments, including IBM Cloud.

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