CloudWolseley Sees 100% Revenue-Per-Session (RPS) Lift After Implementing 1-to-1 Experiences to B2B Buyers

Kibo, the leader in unified commerce, today announced that Wolseley, a leading UK plumbing and heating distributor, used Kibo Personalization to increase revenue-per-session (RPS) by 100% and conversion rates by 162.5%.

By implementing Automated Personalization Experiences, a 1-to-1 personalisation capability within Kibo Personalization, on the Wolseley homepage, the distributor was enabled to deliver expert experiences to its 100,000 trade professional clients, helping professionals navigate Wolseley’s diverse, 300,000-item product catalogue. After a recent project to merge Wolseley’s separate brand sites into a single storefront, the team needed a way to dynamically cater to varying client personas on one dedicated domain.

“Customers often have a more varied personality than a segmented approach can address,” said Mark Parrish, eCommerce Trading Manager, Wolseley. “Rather than taking a business view of what category a customer fits into, we want to switch it over to what the customer wants. We saw that Kibo’s AI-driven personalisation could help us do that.”

Using reinforcement machine learning, Kibo Personalization ingests first- or third-party data alongside a rich library of out-of-the-box in-session and behavioural data points to deliver the most optimal experience, including specific content, recommendations, search results, and more, to every customer or client.

Many Wolseley customers turned to the website during the pandemic and were well-served with customised product recommendations, offers and content. The same automated personalisation capabilities will also ensure that Wolseley can deliver relevant experiences into the future as buying habits continue to evolve.

“The dramatic results that Wolseley has seen from using Kibo machine-learning-powered Automated Personalization Experiences speaks to the opportunities for progressive marketing teams in digital commerce,” said Brian Wilson, COO, Kibo. “Few marketing teams today are leveraging the full potential of personalisation, and we’re excited to see a B2B business like Wolseley lead the way in their space.”

Visit Kibo’s website to view the full case study.

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