CloudVexcel Announces Image Services for ArcGIS

Vexcel Data Program announced today a new way to integrate their imagery for ArcGIS users: Vexcel Image Services for ArcGIS. Vexcel operates the world’s largest aerial imagery program, and this new service provides fast and easy access to its massive imagery library in the Esri ArcGIS platform.

“ArcGIS users now have increased capacity to create and build powerful maps to help support ongoing innovation,” said Erik Jorgensen, CEO of Vexcel Group. “By directly providing our high-quality imagery in ArcGIS, Esri’s standard protocol image service, end users can make more accurate and informed decisions with greater authority, such as inspecting assets, monitoring change at a location, enhancing public safety planning and creating digital twins for the next generation of smart cities.”

ArcGIS users, without any proprietary plug-ins, can access informative layers or derive location insights with confidence using imagery captured with award-winning and market-leading camera sensor technology from the UltraCam suite, designed and manufactured by Vexcel Imaging.

By optimizing access to Vexcel’s vast library of imagery directly in ArcGIS, end users can connect to and benefit from:

  • The world’s largest aerial imagery program, collecting 20+ countries
  • Current and historical imagery, from cities to rural areas
  • Unmatched accuracy across multiple products
  • Regularly updated imagery, both Blue Sky and Gray Sky (CAT)

Imagery Products that Drive Superior Results
Multiple Vexcel products are available for enhanced assessment via this new service, including the ability to pull ultra-high-resolution oblique imagery through standard ArcGIS tools with no third-party plug-ins required. Oblique imagery provides a multi-perspective view of a property, allowing end users the chance to virtually tour a location with greater precision.

Additional products, such as True Ortho, Color-infrared (CIR), and Ortho imagery can be brought into ArcGIS platform products, such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Java Map Control.

Image resolution and coverage for each imagery type services are listed below:

  • Oblique: 7.5cm resolution in urban areas
  • True Ortho: 7.5cm resolution in urban areas
  • CIR: 7.5cm resolution in urban, 15-20cm resolution in rural area
  • Ortho: coast-to-coast 15-20 cm resolution in urban and rural areas
  • Disaster imagery from CAT events (wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes): 7.5-20cm

Better Views, Easy Integration
With Vexcel Image Services for ArcGIS, end users can streamline their efforts at greater speeds by viewing complete cityscapes, entire rural regions, pre- and post-event disaster imagery and more. This wide-scale collection offers imagery at a native resolution multiple times better than satellite imagery. It’s delivering the highest caliber of aerial imagery for better geospatial intelligence to solve real-world problems with greater ease.

Vexcel currently collects the largest aerial program on the planet, delivering data at a resolution, clarity, and accuracy that’s never been delivered on a global scale. Its robust library of geospatial data helps a variety of industries, such as Government, Telecom, Utilities, Insurance, AEC, Energy and more.


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