NetworkingUber partners with GetSetUp to teach older adults to use Uber’s services and apps

Uber and GetSetUp have announced a partnership to help ensure older adults seeking to use the rideshare app feel confident and comfortable navigating Uber.

Throughout the pandemic, older adults have taught other older adults on GetSetUp’s live interactive learning platform how to use apps like Zoom, Google, and more. These classes have helped many people master new technological skills. Older adults are interested in utilizing many apps to help them live more independent, healthier lives. But it can be challenging for non-digital natives to navigate the latest technology. GetSetUp’s service has shown that when older adults teach other older adults, it helps reduce any fear, hesitation, or intimidation around learning new tech.

GetSetUp is now applying its proven methodology of training older adults through peer-led classes to help older adults interested in accessing the Uber app. Classes will assure that new Uber users and those already familiar with the platform will learn more about Uber’s products and features. The classes will be available for free several times a week during the pilot and will teach how to navigate the Uber app.

The “silver economy,” driven by the spending power of older adults, is expected to grow faster than any other segment of the global population. The number of people worldwide who are 65 and older is expected to grow from 524 million in 2010 to 1.5 billion in 2050. Plus, today’s older adults are going to live longer than previous generations of seniors. They have more money than millennials and are determined to live active, meaningful lives that are rich in experience including using the latest technology and apps.

That is why GetSetUp is excited to partner with Uber to launch these co-created classes. GetSetUp has already partnered with the states of Michigan and New YorkOrange County, and dozens of other government and community organizations to offer a catalog of over 1,800 classes providing technology training and mental enrichment to their older adult residents.

“We’re thrilled to partner with GetSetUp to expand access to our platform,” said Niraj Patel, Director of Rider Operations at Uber. “With these classes, we hope new customers will learn more about our product offerings and feel comfortable navigating our app for the first time, so they can enjoy the freedom that comes with having seamless mobility services just a tap away.”

GetSetUp’s live interactive classes–taught in bite-sized hour sessions–offer learners a chance to engage live with peers and ask questions. Peer classes boost confidence, foster shared knowledge, and allow for common references to facilitate learning.

“The 60+ demographic wants to live healthy, more independent lives and can better do that when they are able to take advantage of important services like Uber,”  says GetSetUp co-founder, Lawrence Kosick“To date, older adults have been unsure how to safely and comfortably learn and navigate new apps, websites, and technology. GetSetUp’s mission is to be the safe, secure place where older adults can come and learn how to use their smart devices, apps, and other important services to live happy, healthy, more independent lives. We are excited to partner with Uber to empower older adults to use Uber to live and travel more independently.”

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