NetworkingDigital precision farming company OneSoil announces new CEO to strengthen global growth

Swiss company OneSoil announced that Morten Schmidt joined the team as the new CEO on October 1. Morten brings more than 15 years of management experience from industry leaders CNH Industrial and AGCO to OneSoil. Most recently, he was in the role of global leader of Agriculture Digital and Precision Solutions & Telematics at CNH Industrial. Slava Mazai, who had been OneSoil’s CEO since its founding in 2017, is transitioning to Chief Innovation Officer.

OneSoil has delivered strong growth in the last 12 months and continued building the team after the April Series A funding led by international venture fund Almaz Capital with the participation of PortfoLion. OneSoil is used by more than 330,000 farmers and agricultural consultants in more than 180 countries. The OneSoil app has seen global growth from 140,000 to 340,000 users in 12 months, including rapid growth in major South America agriculture markets Argentina and Brazil, where users have quadrupled and now exceed 120,000. Also, the global area covered has grown to 300 mln acres (120 mln ha).

“To take full advantage of our growth, we decided to strengthen our team with international management expertise”, Slava Mazai explains. Slava will continue to contribute to OneSoil as the Chief Innovation Officer, leading the Insights team that focuses on making variable-rate technology simpler, and delivering app features that drive value based on each user’s specific conditions. “I’ll stay true to the OneSoil focus on making easy-to-use apps and technology that are based on satellite imagery, machine learning, and excellent data processing capabilities”, Morten Schmidt explains.

“Morten is bringing a proven track record from industry and strong management experience needed to lead OneSoil on its journey to becoming the global leader in providing digital solutions that allow every grower to capture value from their fields in a sustainable way,” states Pasha Bogdanov from Almaz Capital. Yury Melnichek from Bulba Ventures, who previously invested in OneSoil, adds: “With Morten Schmidt onboard, OneSoil will accelerate its mission to help farmers worldwide be more sustainable by making data-driven decisions.”

OneSoil builds mobile and web apps that utilize satellite imagery for agricultural analytics and provides field insights for farmers and agricultural consultants. Keeping the app functionality available at no cost for farmers, the company also provides agricultural analytics that are based on satellite imagery analysis to business partners.



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