Advertising & PromotionTalkwalker boosts social listening coverage with unique Quora partnership

Talkwalker, the leading social listening and analytics company, announced today an official partnership with world leading question and answer platform Quora. Its data will now be available amongst Talkwalker’s many data sources – from social media platforms to over 150 million blogs, forums and news sites.

Talkwalker users will now be able to integrate the long-form user-generated content present in Quora data in their monitoring, and use the social media platform’s advanced analytical capabilities to:

  • identify the most effective micro-influencers;
  • research niche audiences;
  • and leverage the most popular answers & questions for content ideation.

“Quora data is unique. The platform has a transparent user network, with millions of questions updated daily and long format answers that dive deep into consumer feedback,” said Jeremy Bernier, VP of Partners & Alliances at Talkwalker. “Through this integration with Talkwalker, PR & marketing professionals will now be able to monitor & analyze Quora data to surface consumer and industry insights that will inform their brand and content strategy.”

Over 300 million people visit Quora each month, coming to conduct research, evaluate products, ask for tips, and learn more about the world. With 5 years of historical Quora data available in Talkwalker, the platform’s clients will have access to an untapped source of insights for their brand strategy.

“We’re excited to offer the ability for Talkwalker’s customers to derive insight from the millions of quality, long-form conversations happening on Quora every day and take action on this insight from a research, content, and advertising standpoint,” said Brendan Weitz, Head of Product Partnerships at Quora. This is the first time we’ve opened up access like this for a technology platform and we’re excited to see the different use cases of Talkwalker clients and the value it helps them drive within their organizations.”


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