CloudSylva Announces First Community Release: Open Source Cloud Stack Revolutionizing Telco and Edge Solutions

Linux Foundation Europe (LF Europe) and its Sylva project are excited to announce the official release of Sylva V1, a groundbreaking open source cloud stack specifically designed for Telco and Edge applications. Sylva provides implementations and extensions needed to address challenges associated with telco and edge use cases within the EU and globally. Launched with support from leading telcos, network function vendors, and IT editors, Sylva V1 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of telecommunications and edge computing.

Built on existing open source solutions, Sylva V1 brings together a unified cloud stack capable of seamlessly running 5G and edge applications from the Core to the RAN.

Sylva V1 features include:

  • Support for technical requirements to host 5G Cloud-native Network Function and Edge workloads
  • Declarative approach to manage thousands of Kubernetes clusters, automate the Operations and reduce OPEX
  • Automated lifecycle of the CaaS layer and BareMetal infrastructure (OS provisioning)
  • Improved Security via hardening, Identity management & Ciphering

“European telcos and vendors eager to leverage open source cloudification of the network within EU privacy and security guidelines have stepped up in delivering Sylva’s first release,” said Arpit Joshipura, general manager, Networking, Edge and IoT, the Linux Foundation. “This unified, cross-community approach to hosting 5G/6G deployment applications across the stack is critical for fostering digital transformation that augments the work done in adjacent Linux Foundation Networking communities.”

The project’s journey began in November of 2022 under LF Europe and has made remarkable progress, including three successful releases, various preproduction implementations across telcos, and a dedicated team of 50 active DevOps professionals contributing to the ongoing development of the stack. Additionally, a validation program has been established, allowing the testing of Network Functions (NF) on the Sylva stack. Sylva has also been shortlisted as a finalist for the “Best Cloud Solution” at the Mobile World Congress 2024 GLOMO Awards.

Sylva is committed to advancing cloud solutions for Telco and Edge applications. To learn more about Sylva V1, including how to get involved with the community, please visit the Sylva website and GitHub.

Supporting quotes
“Sylva’s V1 release is an exciting milestone in the project’s mission to build vital telco cloud infrastructure, not only in keeping with privacy, security, and energy efficiency requirements in the EU, but as a utility across global jurisdictions,” said Gabriele Columbro, general manager of Linux Foundation Europe. “We hope that this release inspires participants from all corners of the world to get involved.”

“The first alpha version of Sylva already deployed within Orange was very promising,” said Stephane Demartis, VP telco cloud infrastructure at Orange. “That’s why we’re proud to announce the official release of Sylva V1 and look forward to the planned deployments in our networks in Europe and Africa to propose an industrial offer for our affiliates.”

“The release of Sylva V1 represents a fundamental step towards the creation of an edge cloud continuum based on a common open cloud infrastructure,” said Andrea Calvi, head of technology innovation at TIM (Telecom Italia). “TIM is building field trials to validate Sylva in real network environments and to define use cases for the deployment in production scenarios.”

“The release of the first version of Sylva is a milestone for the promotion of a cloud-native ecosystem, providing a reference telco cloud stack to validate the cloud-native readiness of Network Functions and promoting standardization to foster network evolution towards cloud,” said Luis Velarde, head of cloud & infrastructure at Telefónica and leader of Sylva’s validation program.


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