NetworkingStartup Wanderly Launches Travel Guides Set to Save Travelers Hours in Planning

Wanderly, a new internet-based city guide app and website, has officially launched and is ready to change how we plan trips. The platform offers eager travelers a way to plan trips based on their specific interests, saving countless hours in research. Wanderly, launched with six destinations, Austin, Asheville, CharlestonMiamiNashville and New Orleans, plans to release a new city every few months. Every location is broken down into micro-guides, highlighting niche interests, showcasing popular neighborhoods, and accommodating specific travel styles. Offerings include everything from the Latin hot-spots in Miami, to the popular French Quarter in New Orleans, to the quirky and weird destinations in Austin. All guides are written by professional writers who live, work and play in the city, which gives users an insider’s view of the special finds each location has to offer. With the interest-based micro-guides available, every unique traveler can mix and match their preferred stops to create the perfect trip.

“With each additional trip I planned, I became increasingly frustrated,” said Hunter Clark, founder and CEO of Wanderly. “It took forever to plan a trip; there was a ridiculous amount of information available, yet it was difficult to find relevant content for the way I wanted to travel. I didn’t want to just focus on the tourist attractions, I wanted to experience the city in a way that was meaningful to me, to see it the way a local might. My frustration led me to look for better ways to plan my trips. When I couldn’t find the right resource, I created the solution myself.”

New users get their first city for free. Avid travelers can purchase an additional city for $8 or get unlimited access to every city we offer for $20 a year. For more information about Wanderly and to stay up-to-date, visit us at or follow us on Instagram @wanderlytravel.


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