Artificial IntelligenceSquirrel Ai Spearheads Premier AI Event – IJCAI Symposium, Showcasing Innovative LLM Applications in Education

The 32nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) took place on August 2023 in Macau. Since its launch in 1969, the IJCAI has established itself as one of the most prestigious and influential international academic conferences in the AI domain, witnessing and catalyzing significant advances in AI research. A highlight of this year’s conference was the “IJCAI 2023 Symposium on Multimodal Reasoning with Large Language Model (LLM)”, which was organized by the IEEE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Standards Association in partnership with leading industry, academic, and research organizations.

Squirrel Ai, a frontrunner in China’s educational AI sector, played a crucial role in facilitating the symposium. Richard Tong, Chief Architect of Squirrel Ai and Chair of the IEEE AI Standards Committee, together with Dr. Joleen Liang, Co-Founder of Squirrel Ai, were in attendance and delivered insightful speeches. The year marked Squirrel Ai’s fourth consecutive participation in the IJCAI, during which the firm shared its research findings and hosted in-depth seminars. Squirrel Ai’s ongoing involvement underscores its extensive expertise and outstanding contributions to the field of AI in education.

Multimodal reasoning represents a burgeoning research area aimed at empowering AI systems to reason and learn from information acquired across various modalities. The IJCAI 2023 Symposium on Multimodal Reasoning with LLM delved into the diverse aspects of multimodal reasoning. Topics discussed included: the integration of multimodal learning systems, language models, and attention mechanisms; the evaluation of the efficacy of transfer learning and pre-training strategies in multimodal reasoning; and the examination of the impact of data augmentation techniques. A special emphasis was placed on the practical applications of multimodal reasoning and LLMs in the educational sphere. Both Richard Tong and Dr. Joleen Liang provided comprehensive insights into Squirrel Ai’s significant progress and potential in transforming this technology into tangible educational outcomes.

For nearly a decade, Squirrel Ai has maintained its position as a leader in the field of educational AI technology. Recently, the firm attained a noteworthy achievement by pioneering the development of the world’s first comprehensive Large Adaptive Model (LAM), marking a significant advancement in personalized learning services. Additionally, Squirrel Ai has collaborated with Prof.Ronghuai Huang from Beijing Normal University, Prof. Xiaoqing Gu from East China Normal University, and Prof. Bin Xu from Tsinghua University to form the IEEE Computer Society/Artificial Intelligence Standards Committee(C/AISC), chaired by Squirrel Ai’s founder, Derek Li. The working group aims to advance the development of a standardized framework for educational AI in China by harnessing the collective power of the industry and integrating premier resources. Squirrel Ai’s notable successes have not only inspired confidence and excitement among seminar attendees about the broad potential of LLM technology in education, but also imparted dynamic energy to this year’s IJCAI from the educational AI community.



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