SecuritySparrow Co., Ltd. to Showcase the Latest Supply Chain Security Solutions at Black Hat Asia 2024 and Japan IT Week Spring 2024.

Sparrow Co., Ltd., a leading provider of application security services, will be showcasing its latest application security solutions at Black Hat Asia 2024, held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore on April 18th and 19th and Japan IT Week Spring 2024 in Tokyo Big Sight on April 24th to 26th. Sparrow has previously introduced its solutions at Black Hat USA and Japan IT Week, and this marks its first appearance at Black Hat Asia, reflecting the company’s commitment to expanding its reach and serving the growing demand for application security solutions in ASEAN regions.

At the event, Sparrow will unveil the latest updates to its flagship offerings:

  • Sparrow Cloud: A cloud-based application security solution (SaaS) for easy access and analysis anytime, anywhere.
  • Sparrow On-Demand: An API-driven application security testing service for seamless integration into development workflows.

The increasing focus on cybersecurity is driven by several factors:

  • Government Mandates: Recent cybersecurity executive orders from the US and other governments highlight the need for enhanced security at all levels.
  • Rising Cyber Threats: The prevalence of application-level attacks and the growing risk of supply chain breaches necessitate robust security measures.
  • DevOps Adoption: The adoption of DevOps and CI/CD practices has accelerated the need for automated security testing solutions.

Sparrow’s comprehensive suite of automated solutions addresses these concerns by covering the entire software development lifecycle. It includes Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and Software Composition Analysis (SCA). Sparrow differentiates itself from competitors by offering all these solutions as cloud-based SaaS services. Also, to introduce its updated cloud services, Sparrow is offering a free 1-month evaluation paid license to anyone who registers for Sparrow Cloud by the end of April.

Sparrow’s solutions effectively address software supply chain security with its application security testing solutions by enabling the identification and elimination of security vulnerabilities and the generation of SBOM (Software Bill of Materials). An SBOM acts as a detailed inventory of all components within a software build, enabling organizations to identify and track open-source components and their license details and vulnerabilities. This transparency can help organizations respond swiftly to security threats, enforce compliance standards, and ensure software supply chain integrity.

Why Choose Sparrow?

Sparrow with its over 17 years of comprehensive analytics expertise, differentiates itself from its competitors by possessing and developing all its solutions in-house solutions and continuously innovating its solutions and technologies to ensure our analysis techniques remain at the forefront of the industry. Sparrow solutions are ideal for organizations and companies seeking:

  • Comprehensive security testing for application security.
  • Innovative approaches to application security.

Visit Sparrow’s booth #607 at Black Hat Asia 2024 or their website ([]) to learn more.


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