Artificial Launches Live Captions for Zoom

The world’s most accurate speech-to-text engine is now available for Zoom users to add live, real-time captions to their meetings. today announced they have integrated their best-in-class artificial intelligence with the virtual meeting platform. Now, using the Rev Live Captions app, for the first time ever, live captions can be instantly delivered on-screen in Zoom.

While other speech-to-text providers have created their own applications for Zoom, Rev’s is currently the only live captions product that effectively displays native text within the interface. This allows viewers to focus on the meeting at-hand rather than an external source, split-screen, or extra window.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, formerly in-person gatherings have moved to remote environments. Zoom has quickly become the leading video conferencing application, seeing a 20x increase in users in three months. However, there has yet to be a solution for on-screen captions implemented there.

“Rev’s Live Captions have become an integral part of Teachers College Columbia University’s remote learning and student engagement and efforts since COVID-19. Not only do they help ensure live events, classes and faculty meetings are accessible to all, but they also improve conversation flow by providing a greater understanding for what’s being discussed,” said Dr. John Park, Academic Technology at Teachers College. “We’ve tested other services for live broadcasts and Rev has been the most accurate, cost-effective, and easiest to set up and scale.”

“Zoom is where everything is happening now — from business meetings to weddings to school classrooms to yoga classes. We felt it was important to leverage our industry-leading speech technology to create a more accessible, engaging virtual environment,” said Mark Chen, Senior Vice President of Product and Operations at “Captions are a necessity for some in these new virtual environments. They aid in clear communication, which can support schools’ and businesses’ overall productivity while remote.”

Along with ease of use and accuracy, Rev Live Captions was developed with scalability in mind, allowing even the largest businesses and schools to easily make ongoing meetings, events, and classes via Zoom more comprehensible and effective. Unlike other Zoom captions integrations, Rev’s requires a one-time setup without the need to schedule each meeting with a provider to enable the captions. Users can also save and distribute transcripts or captions file immediately after a Zoom session completes.

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