CloudProtect any legacy or modern application within minutes with Accops BioAuth

Accops, a global provider of integrated remote access solutions, has launched Accops BioAuth, a fingerprint & facial authentication solution with continuous user environment monitoring; that will enable organizations to create a trusted environment wherever their users are working from.

The state-of-the-art solution will help highly regulated businesses, like BFSI, Pharma, BPO/KPO, critical PSUs, prevent identity impersonation, shoulder surfing, and authentication-related cyberattacks.

Accops BioAuth provides an easy-to-integrate facial authentication feature that works with any of today’s laptops, PCs, and tablets, to capture a user’s face, and validate it against a pre-registered face template of the user in the centralized Accops BioAuth server database placed in the organization’s datacenter. When enabled, Accops BioAuth can also continuously monitor the user’s work environment to check for the presence of any unauthorized person or object and lock out a user if need be.

Accops BioAuth also includes a fingerprint authentication solution that can provide biometric authentication services to any business application. BioAuth can use biometric devices from multiple vendors, giving the choice to organizations to adopt any biometric device.

“Continuous monitoring will be particularly beneficial for those working with critical processes and data. With our solution, now they can also work from the safety of their homes as per their requirements,” says Vijender Yadav, CEO and Co-founder, Accops.

“Ensuring strict compliance is one of the major challenges for organizations today. Our facial authentication and liveness detection solution provides a foolproof identity impersonation check, ensuring that the users accessing business resources from homes are all verified and authorized users,” Yadav added.

Yadav further said, “Unlike other solutions, Accops BioAuth solution can be integrated with any application almost instantly, within minutes, without having to make any code change to the application.”

With the spike in the number of cyberattacks over the past year, it is evident that organizations now need more than just passwords and MFA. Accops BioAuth is available now for evaluation and deployment in production environments.


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