CloudPromoter of Metaverse Underlying Ecology & Founder of Anmai Cloud Roger Wu Featured on the Cover of Global Trend Monitor Magazine

Roger Wu (Wu Wenjie), founder of Anmai Cloud and an active promoter of the metaverse’s bottom-up development, recently featured on the cover of the latest issue of Global Trend Monitor (GTM), marking his first cover appearance on an overseas magazine. The feature story, A technological migration to the metaverse era is well underway, tells how Roger Wu, as an entrepreneur and investor of the metaverse’s underlying ecology, uses environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria to structure the metaverse ecology and identify the underlying development logic of the industry.

We will soon be accompanied by another composed of ones and zeros known as the metaverse. Wu, as a participant deeply involved in the digital industry, offered his own investment logic – identifying the core position in the metaverse and going deep to the underlying technology. The GTM story noted that Wu is among a handful of participants promoting the future of digital construction. In his view, new digital technologies have a high level of tolerance and can be seamlessly integrated with the entire industrial chain, thereby unleashing new vitality, optimizing resource allocation, reducing excessive resource waste in the physical world, and meeting the needs of the spiritual world with the minimal energy consumption in the virtual world.

Technological evolution, data security and the decentralized organizational model will all continue to reduce the problems caused by platformization and centralization, manifesting the value and rights of personal data, and achieving freer data flow, which are considered an indispensable part of the metaverse’s development. Wu’s view, according to the article, is that the development of Web 3.0 technology powered by the metaverse is infrastructure constructed on the flow of data elements. Guided by the philosophy of “grasping the core nodes of the ecosystem”, Wu entered this blue ocean market with the aim of creating digital infrastructure for the metaverse. In 2019, Wu founded Anmai Cloud in anticipation of creating digital infrastructure with ESG standards in the metaverse ecology and establishing a green digital and intelligent industrial supply chain. According to Wu, ESG is the cornerstone for ensuring the industry’s continued healthy development, and responsible construction is the only type of construction that actually produces value.

The story concludes that from his investment in the industrial ecosystem to the founding of Anmai Cloud, Wu is more akin to a tech guru than an investor, for he has persistently sought to advance industry growth and innovation when practicing his business strategy. Now, Wu is supporting the development of the metaverse with Anmai Cloud and more technologies to come, in order to provide technical support for more industries and empower the higher-level supply chain, building the core underlying technical infrastructure based on Web 3.0 in preparation for the metaverse.

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