CloudPraxonomy and Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (ICDM) Announce Partnership to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Boardroom

Praxonomy, an emerging global SaaS board portal solution provider committed to driving modern corporate governance, announced today its partnership with the Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (ICDM), the national Institute of Directors (IoD) established by the Securities Commission Malaysia to enhance board and director effectiveness in the country.

The strategic partnership enables Praxonomy to engage with ICDM’s corporate member community by providing subscription benefits to its board portal solution, Boardlogic. Boardlogic is a practical, effective, and user-friendly cloud platform that will allow boards of ICDM‘s corporate members to go paperless with digital board packs, collaborate and make decisions anywhere in a centralised and highly secure environment. By removing the administrative and security challenges associated with board meeting processes and introducing more efficient workflows, Boardlogic helps corporate directors focus on their governance mandate instead.

“By joining forces with ICDM, we’re able to connect with current and next generation of board leaders in Malaysia and start insightful conversations on how Praxonomy can transform the way boards work and lead,” said Jay Shaw, Founder and CEO of Praxonomy. “We’re excited about this partnership and look forward to being co-advocates of board technologies that deliver modern governance excellence.”

“Effective information sharing between the board and management is integral to achieving corporate governance. As business grows more complex with the emergence of new technologies, boards must take steps to match the accelerating pace of digital change. Digital tools such as Boardlogic are instrumental in helping boards improve communication, gain access to the right information and enhance transparency. We are pleased to partner with Praxonomy to support our corporate members in accelerating digital transformation in the boardroom. This collaboration is one of the many digital initiatives that we are embarking on to support our efforts in modernising corporate governance, helping boards build digital competencies in areas such as cybersecurity, data adoption and privacy, artificial intelligence, and the future of work. These are crucial competencies to ensure boards can continue to guide their companies towards sustainable success in the digital era,” said Michele Kythe Lim, President & CEO of ICDM.

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