CloudOnlive Server Launched KVM Hypervisor Based USA VPS Hosting with CPanel and SSD Storage

The Company also provides several advanced features of Linux and Windows Based USA VPS Hosting. Our best features of Linux and Windows-based VPS Hosting are:

*Enhanced cPanel: Onlive Server provides a highly acclaimed ‘enhanced cPanel’ interface with several desirable features.

*Performance and power: Onlive Server Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) very efficiently allows the multiple operating systems with SSD VPS hosting that provides breakthrough speed and efficiency.

*Cloud Technology: Onlive Server offers Cloud VPS Hosting is very well-designed and built on tried and tested Cloud Technology to offer flexibility, and control.

Onlive Server also provides multiple benefits and hosting solutions such as dedicated server, VPS Hosting, Domain Name Registration, and Other hosting solutions. These services are available for our new & existing customers. Web Control Panel configuration, CMS setup, and integration are free with your VPS Hosting services. Our team of server experts provides full support for server setup, security solutions & more.

Why Customer Needs KVM Hypervisor Based Cheap VPS Hosting. Let’s Know Why is Choose VPS hosting Services?

*Manage Multiple VPS Servers: Onlive Server’s Cheap VPS Hosting has the bandwidth of managing multiple VPS servers simultaneously, which ensures complete value for money.

*Deploy Any Application on USA Linux VPS: You have the flexibility of deploying any application on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) USA VPS and use it for web hosting, as database servers etc.

*Cheap USA VPS Add-Ons: Another great feature of Onlive Server’s USA-based Linux VPS Hosting is that you can get cheap VPS Server add-ons when it comes to increasing your server performance, self-installation of OS.

*Instant Provision for Best Windows VPS Servers: The Company also offers Windows VPS Hosting comes with instant provision for the best convenience for the users. There are facilities for quick setup etc.

*Uptime robust infrastructure: Windows/Linux VPS hosting guarantees 99% uptime as we provide incredibly reliable servers that are highly efficient and powerful.

*24×7 Support: USA VPS Hosting comes with a Fully Managed VPS Hosting and an in-house monitoring system that monitors the VPS Hosting 24X7.

We take proactive measures to resolve issues all that time they occur to streamline the operations and ensure the best service. Our clients didn’t suffer any of the hustle. Therefore, choose the Hypervisor-based VPS hosting provider and make your website stay safe and perform in a better way.


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