Advertising & PromotionMintegral Has Joined Chartboost’s Helium As a New Bidding Partner

Mintegral recently announced that it has joined Chartboost’s Helium by Zygna as a new bidding partner, giving access to global performance and brand advertisers.

Helium is Chartboost’s hybrid mediation platform supporting both in-app bidding and waterfall bidding. Mintegral’s partnership with Helium by Chartboost is available on their SDK version  2.5.0 and also now supports both video and banner ad formats.

“Our partnership with Helium by Chartboost is a significant milestone for us, and we are incredibly excited to see what we will be able to achieve together,” said Mintegral GM of Americas, Jeff Sue“Integrating Helium by Chartboost is a significant win for our partners and further expands our ability to help mobile app developers build successful businesses on the global stage.”

We are excited to have Mintegral join the Helium mediation family. With the addition of Mintegral SDK bidding, Helium will continue to empower developers to maximize their yield through new and diversified demand at scale. – Nikhil Mishra, SVP of Product at Chartboost


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