NetworkingMetaverz Studio To Release 1993 Gen Z themed Hand-Drawn NFTs As Digital Natives Swarm to Crypto

Metaverz Studio has rolled out 1,993 hand-drawn AOZ series NFT artworks with unique and futuristic characters to represent the Age of Z citizens, the group of people who were born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s, seeking to “participate in a movement” and “fight back against institutions” through investing in cryptos and NFTs.

Bring the focus of NFT to Gen Z

In a recent study on how the next generation of investors approach the market, Gamblerspick found that Gen Z, also called the digital native, is less likely to invest in a majority of typical/traditional/common assets but more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies, meme assets, and NFTs.

The NFT history started with “Quantum,” created by Kevin McCoy in May 2014 and sold for $1.4 Million in June 2021. After seven years of development, NFTs are all the rage and 2021 is defined as the year of NFT domination, with the trading volume in the NFT market worth over $2.5 billion in the first half. “Covid Alien,” one of the CryptoPunk NFTs, was sold to billionaire Shalom Mechenzie for over $11.7 million, the most expensive deal so far. The cheapest Punk available for purchase now is 67.67 ETH, or about $225,000, according to Larva Labs, the institution behind CryptoPunks.

Despite crazy NFT prices, there haven’t been any projects that claim to mint and issue an NFT collection in the name of any generation. Metaverz Studio, hence, becomes the first-ever institution of its kind by introducing 1,993 Gen Z-characterized NFT objects to let the Age of Z citizens find their comrades.

Rarer and more delicate than CryptoPunks

Many regard CryptoPunks as the first major NFT curators on the Internet, which are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. AOZ, aka Age of Z, citizens are also a collection of unique and futuristic characters but are far rarer and delicate than CryptoPunks.

As demonstrated on the AOZ website, Metaverz Studio only offers 1,993 NFT artworks designed by prominent artists of WKgallery. Each NFT is a hand-drawn, unique, futuristic, and recognizable character with the spirits of freedom, punk, and peace.

“We are dedicated to building a self-sufficient, automated, and harmonious world in which innovative and collaborative systems are promoted to defend privacy. Through the AOZ series NFTs, we hope to bring our vision of an inclusive and decentralized world to life,” said Junie X, AOZ Project Director.

AOZ citizens: 4 classes, 500+ distinctive attributes, from normal to especially super rare 

Among the 1,993 AOZ citizens with over 500 distinctive attributes and cypherpunk aesthetics, it’s not hard to find your likes ranging from normal (N), rare (R), super rare (SR), to specially super rare (SSR).

According to Junie, dubbed AOZ Guardians, the 1,493 (75%) normal NFTs are designed to be loyal champions of the Age of Z world “decentropolis“, exuding wit and confidence with idiosyncratic styles. 22.5% of NFTs (450) are designed to be rare AOZ Warriors equipped with mythical power and mighty gears to help them stand firm against challenges and adversity. 2% of NFTs (40) are super rare AOZ Heroes born with nobility and passion, who are truly the marvelous leaders serving “decentropolis” with tech-savvy prowess and competence. The last 10 specially super rare NFTs (0.5%) are AOZ Kings crowned with glory and dignity, who hail from a royal lineage as surrealistic cyborgs with supernatural strength and flair, serving as lasting and epic inspiration for generations of AOZ citizens.

The latest roadmap of AOZ shows that in the fourth quarter of 2021, 1,500 NFT Blind Boxes will be listed for public sale, 200 NFTs will be airdropped to ZKSwap 360-day PoS mining participants, and 293 NFTs will be used for marketing and community activities.

Combine AI, DeFi, and GameFi with NFT to explore new opportunities 

Looking ahead, Metaverz Studio aims to create an independent persona and AI-powered soul for each of the 1,993 NFTs next year. NFT owners will be able to communicate with their NFTs through a dialogue system and build connections with them through conversations, which can be a much-anticipated milestone for the team and a refreshing change in the industry. Besides, holders of the 1,993 NFTs will also be given the NFT re-creation right, meaning they can create their own NFTs using the masterpiece AOZ NFTs they’ve bought.

“Metaverz Studio looks to engage more in DeFi + NFT and GameFi + NFT spaces and give AOZ NFT owners the priority to participate in community governance. That’s something we will mainly work on in 2022,” said the Project Director.


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