Artificial IntelligenceIST Networks collaborates with Automation Anywhere to provide RPA services in the Middle East

IST Networks announced a collaboration with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to provide RPA services in the Middle East. The partnership will enable IST’s clients to automate key business processes and enhance customer engagement across their organizations.

IST has been delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) technology solutions since 2002, working with cutting edge CX technologies and vendors in the market to empower their clients’ CX programs. Partnering with Automation Anywhere will enable IST to deliver bold digital transformational solutions to existing and potential customers within the customer engagement space using Automation 360, a cloud-native, web-based, AI-powered automation platform that leads the way in the ‘Digital-first’ era.

As a result of its collaboration with Automation Anywhere, IST Networks continues to build its fast-growing solution portfolio of customer experience technology.  IST will offer the benefits of using the Automation 360 RPA platform, drawing from their experience in the contact centre & customer engagement field. With IST’s CX experience and RPA expertise from Automation Anywhere, the potential of a complete digital transformation of organisations’ contact centres and customer facing processes will be released.

The Automation 360 RPA platform provides over 100 implemented use cases to automate business processes across all systems and applications, including both SaaS and legacy apps.

“The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital transformation technologies including the automation of repetitive and mundane tasks to unlock innovation,” said Milan Sheth, Executive Vice President, IMEA, Automation Anywhere. “With cloud-native, intelligent automation, applications can seamlessly connect across modern and legacy systems enabling employees to work more efficiently, solve problems and be more productive.”

“We’ve studied the RPA market in the Middle East and concluded that most RPA programs undertaken in the Middle East were focused on back-office processes such as invoicing, finance, and HR functions. We believe we can bring the benefits of RPA experience in back office operations, such as efficiency, speed, and ROI, to the customer-facing processes, like front office, contact centre, and customer engagement teams. Combining IST’s 20 years of customer engagement experience and Automation Anywhere’s RPA leadership in the global and Middle East local markets, we believe we will unlock Next Gen automated customer engagement,” said Mohamed Fahmy, CEO, IST Networks.

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