NetworkingLos Angeles Boys and Girls Clubs teams with Kwikbit Inc. to Bridge the Digital Divide

On August 31st, the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club and 25 of its kids hosted Kwikbit Inc. at its LA Harbor Mahar Clubhouse to launch a new program aimed to narrow California’s digital divide.

“Kwikbit’s wireless broadband addresses a major issue for many of our kids. Namely, unfettered access to high-speed connectivity afterschool so they can complete their schoolwork,” said Mike Lansing, Executive Director of B&G LA Harbor. “Kwikbit’s technician arrived mid-morning last Tuesday and a couple hours later the network was up and running on campus. Some 30 minutes after that, Kwikbit had installed a dedicated high-speed connection to a nearby home in dire need of service. It’s remarkable,” Lansing went on to say.

“Far too many children in Los Angeles County do not have adequate access to the internet, putting them at a distinct disadvantage in terms of their education. Our work with B&G will level the playing field, ensuring that all students are able to succeed in school,” said Joe Costello, CEO of Kwikbit.

The Boys and Girls were excited: “Kwikbit is so much faster [than what we had before]. It’s a lot of fun being able to all play online together, and doing our coding and schoolwork is so much easier,” said local 4th grader and B&G Club member.

The Boys & Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor showcased this new service alongside Kwikbit staff. The company sees the successful installation at the B&G Club as a blueprint to urgently deliver fast, reliable internet to underserved communities throughout the State.

“These kids have been waiting years for decent internet. With Kwikbit, and LA County Boys and Girls’ cooperation, we had these children connected in less than a week. This serves as a template for what can be done in California and beyond,” Costello concluded.


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