Advertising & PromotionLaunchpool Labs Announces DeFi Credit Scoring Protocol Unicred as Part of Cohort1

Launchpool Labs, the community-centric, chain agnostic incubator operating under the #beyourownVC ethos, is announcing the fourth startup to join Cohort1, its first class of incubees: Unicred.

Unicred is a multi-blockchain decentralized finance credit scoring protocol for better risk prediction, which enables unsecured DeFi lending. As a DeFi platform where lending and borrowing decisions are powered by data science, its state-of-the-art credit scoring algorithm looks at all possible risk indicators available on the blockchain. Its credit scoring protocol enables Unicred to address gaps in the current ecosystem, namely, varying LTVs and interest rates.

“You rarely come across a team that understands the power of data. Data and blockchain is still an unexplored frontier. However, with the right data, you can mitigate risk, improve your security, and build better scoring. The Unicred team is building a state-of-the-art credit scoring protocol for DeFi, and we’re thrilled to assist them in building their MVP and MVC (minimum viable community),” said Roxana Nasoi, MD at Launchpool Labs.

Unicred’s founding team has deep expertise in data science, credit risk, cryptocurrency and growth marketing, led by former Goldman Sachs analyst, Rakesh Lavi and former Wells Fargo credit risk analyst, Akshay Rawat.

“Launchpool Labs gives us a platform via their strong crypto domain expertise, a vibrant community and a well-connected network. This puts us in a great position to bring our vision to fruition”, said Rakesh Lavi, Co-Founder and CEO at

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