AnalyticsLaserfiche Launches Business Process Automation Package to Support Organizations’ Post-Pandemic Digital Reopening

Laserfiche — the leading SaaS provider of intelligent content management and business process automation — has today announced the introduction of a Digital Reopening package of prebuilt process templates aimed at supporting organizations’ efforts to restore, recover, reimagine, and rebuild work in a post-pandemic world.

The new package is an expansion to an existing collection of over 100 solution templates that allow Laserfiche users to download process diagrams, workflows, template fields and reports, all of which can be configured to fit an organization’s specific operational requirements for rapid solution deployment.

“Laserfiche is committed to supporting organizations across industries in their quick response to recovery from the pandemic,” said Linda Ding, senior director of strategic marketing at Laserfiche. “We worked with innovative customers, industry leaders and technology partners to develop this package’s low-code workflow templates that can be deployed quickly, with the goal of increasing accessibility of services and visibility into safety procedures when employees, customers, students and constituents need them most; and reclaiming time for organizational leaders to focus on the well-being of their communities, and the future of their enterprise.”

The package includes three categories of process automation users can utilize for a variety of contexts: short-term emergency response, medium-term workflow modernization, and long-term digital transformation. The first of these new solutions are available now, with additional releases planned for August and October 2021. The initial release includes the following solutions:

  • Daily Employee Symptom Report enables faster pre-screening for employees and supports continued safety at work. The solution allows employees to submit a daily symptom report online before starting work for the day. A human resources representative is notified by email if an employee has an elevated temperature, reports any symptoms or has come in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. These employees are then notified via automated email to stay home and rest or recommended to work remotely.
  • Work from Home Experience Survey supports employers’ ongoing effort to monitor employee well-being while working remotely. Employers can use this survey solution to assess how well their employees are adjusting to working from home, what works well, and what could be improved. Survey questions can be easily tailored to organizational needs.
  • Inventory Tracking and Equipment Request enables IT teams to track hardware provided to remote employees and manage equipment inventory. To track hardware originally used in-office, employees provide information associated with their hardware, like device ID number, via an electronic form. The form can also be used to request additional equipment. When a request is submitted for additional hardware, an IT representative is automatically designated to assign equipment to the employee.
  • Return to Work Questionnaire allows employers to collect needed information such as employee symptoms and intended return to work schedule to inform and support organization’s reopening strategy. Based on employee answers, they can be assigned to a specific cohort or phase that aligns with guidance from local health officials, corresponds to your reopening strategy and enables your organization to manage in-office capacity.
  • COVID-19 Time-Off Request helps support compliance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded medical and family leave for reasons related to COVID-19. An employee can submit a time-off request via an online form; it is then automatically assigned to a human resources representative for review and approval. An automated email notifies the employee whether the request is approved or denied.

In addition to enabling the rapid deployment of automated solutions, the Digital Reopening package gives organizations the tools to track requests and process data, allowing for continuous optimization. Organizations around the world have leveraged Laserfiche throughout the pandemic, developing robust IT infrastructure and business continuity plans, and transforming the digital experience for employees and customers during major disruptions. To learn more about how organizations have used Laserfiche throughout the pandemic and in planning for the future, visit Laserfiche’s Digital Reopening Resource Page.


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