Artificial IntelligenceTotal Potential Assets of Top 50 High Growth Emerging Brands in China Exceed $462 Brillion

The Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science, a China-based organization studying marketing science and application innovation, released the BrandGrow China’s Emerging Brands Growth Potential Report, which evaluated the growth potential of emerging brands based on their financial indicators. The “Top 50 High Growth Potential Emerging Brands in China 2021″ were also announced.

According to the report, the emerging brands have to be the ones that have been in China for 10 years and whose revenue growth rate is much higher than the industry average (including renewed brands and foreign brands in China). Data showed that the total potential assets of the emerging brands selected for the Top 50 exceed $462 Brillion, accounting for about 3% of the national GDP in 2020. Excluding the companies that have already been listed, other emerging brands have completed hundreds of rounds of financing, with a cumulative financing amount reaching $15.4 billion.

Peking Tan, president of the Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science, remarked that a number of Chinese local brands have emerged in the past decade, and have achieved remarkable results with unique marketing strategies. Facing digital media, channels, consumers and supply chain, Chinese entrepreneurs have to explore many new methods for brand building in the new environment. We have to summarize the law of brand growth to help more companies understand the Chinese market, thus achieving business success.

The emerging brands on the list come from 14 industries of automotive, education, digital, home appliances, cosmetics & personal care, beverages, maternal & infant, leisure and entertainment Apps, garment accessories, smart devices, alcohol drinks, household furniture, food and e-cigarettes sectors. Among them, 90% are local brands with the rest being foreign-funded or China-foreign joint venture brands. Eight brands of the education industry are selected as the emerging brands with the greatest potential, accounting for the largest part. NIO, an automotive brand founded in 2014, is BrandGrow’s Most Promising Emerging Brand for Growth in 2021 with a brand potential asset value of $113 billion.

It’s learned that evaluation of the potential asset value of emerging brands takes into account the brand sedimentation value, the endogenous growth and the exogenous growth. The brand sedimentation value is based on the performance of the brand in the consumer market, the development speed of the industry and the capital market for the brand’s valuation; the endogenous growth includes the organizational capacity, innovation ability, digital ability and brand ideal combined with investor score and case research results by 30 exclusive investment firms; the exogenous growth includes brand brain competitiveness, digital share competitiveness and brand unique competitiveness calculated based on consumer research, social data and search data

Statistics indicated that digital ability has become the core competitiveness of China’s emerging brands with rapid growth. The brand digital share competitiveness has overtaken brain competitiveness to become the major exogenous force for driving fast growth of emerging brands in China.


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