Advertising & PromotionKEYFRAME-ENTERTAINMENT Announces VR Production Services to Tech Start-Ups

San Francisco-based KEYFRAME-ENTERTAINMENT is a creative technology agency that produces engaging, fully interactive, immersive VR experiences for startups. KEYFRAME is excited to announce the launch of their VR services.

The KEYFRAME brand has long been involved in the Executive Production of film, music, events, and crowdfunding campaigns. For over two decades, CEO Julian Reyes has worked in design, 3D animation, and demonstrative evidence for high profile clients. Julian’s training at the Oculus Launch Pad & Oculus Start programs further augmented the path for creating this new VR venture. KEYFRAME is committed to working with like-minded organizations at the forefront of XR and the betterment of our planet.

“After many years of producing media, creating successful campaigns, and helping creatives in entertainment, we are now shifting our focus to the technology sector. My passion for 3D animation and supporting others has come full circle, and I’m honored to announce our unique and cost-effective VR offerings,” says Julian Reyes, CEO of KEYFRAME.

KEYFRAME’s VR services cover a range of needs, such as: VR Product Demos, Prototypes, Turnkey Solutions, Training, and Entertainment to create better brand interactions through mindful design. Some achievements in VR include being selected as a finalist for the Mars City Design project, and their Executive Production of Fifer Garbesi’s ‘Con Te Damanhur,’ a Virtual 360° experience of Italy’s Damanhur. Another innovative endeavor is working with Gavin Hardkiss on a VR music video for a song from his new album ‘The Dark Art of Light Work’.

KEYFRAME is working with Cleanbox on the development of innovative sales & marketing materials using XR and digital technologies, to tell unique stories and showcase products in new ways. Cleanbox is smart tech hygiene for disinfecting AR, MR, VR and Communication Headsets, Small Electronics, Eyewear and Masks.

MeetinVR, xRS Conference, and LexSet have been added to KEYFRAME’s list of networking partners. KEYFRAME also collaborates with the XR USA conference, which provides a forum between some of the world’s largest brands and investors to discuss XR strategies.


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