NetworkingKenmei Technologies becomes member of the one6G Association

Network Intelligence and Automation company Kenmei Technologies is pleased to announce that it has become a new member of the one6G association, demonstrating its continuous commitment for the technology innovation.

The one6G association has a clear vision to evolve, test and promote next generation cellular and wireless technology-based communications solutions. The value of getting profit from the new technologies resides on the joint innovation among all the members that work together in the association. This will help the technology community to accelerate its adoption and overall market penetration, while addressing societal and industry-driven needs for enhanced connected mobility.

“We are very proud and pleased to be part of one of the most recognized technology associations. which delivers real use cases for the next cellular technology demands” said Javier López, Co-founder and CTO of Kenmei Technologies. “We have been always fully convinced that the innovation and the continuous research and development are key to provide the most advanced solutions to the MNOs. Thanks to our membership with the one6G association, we strongly believe that our ADELE® platform will continue evolve and improve by covering advanced Network Intelligence and Automation use cases.”

Kenmei’s Big Data-native platform ADELE© (which stands for Autonomous Decisions and Learning) allows multiple operational tasks to be performed automatically, enabling network technical teams to gain process and configuration agility while ensuring customer satisfaction.


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