NetworkingHuawei Releases an All-Optical Target Network Architecture for Operator Production Networks

At the 8th Huawei Optical Innovation Forum, Huawei released an all-optical target network architecture that features end-to-end optical cross-connect (OXC) and optical transport network (OTN) to the metro edge. An all-optical target network brings high-quality connections that help operators reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and encourage new services.

The value of connectivity has been redefined as digitalization sweeps the world. The optical transmission network is no longer just a dumb pipe. It has evolved into a service network. OTN/wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) will be the best technology to bear these services as they become more granular and their quality requirements increase. Optical transmission networks are the future of operator production networks and will create a solid foundation for smart cities.

Huawei proposes to build an all-optical target network from five aspects (“Five Ones”):

  • One-kilometer access: Extend the OTN edge to be within 1 km of users, reducing the TCO of fiber deployment and shortening the time to market (TTM) of services.
  • One-stop all-optical access: Deploy edge OTNs at wireless and optical line termination (OLT) sites to provide all-service access and differentiated Service Level Agreements (SLAs), creating more possibilities.
  • One-network all-optical slicing: Deploy E2E OTN + OXC to implement all-optical slicing of 2M to 100G services, physically isolating services and enabling one network for multiple purposes.
  • One-hop connection architecture: Build an integrated all-optical backbone network and an all-optical metro network, enabling one-hop connection to the cloud and deterministic millisecond-level latency.
  • One-click smart operation: Deploy all-optical intelligent management and control to provide automatic planning and operations and maintenance (O&M), supporting the evolution toward all-optical autonomous driving.

Many all-optical target networks have been established in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. They serve as benchmarks which will truly drive the optical network industry into another golden period of development. Richard Jin, President of Huawei’s Optical Business Product Line, said: “After more than a year of innovation with customers from around the world, we truly believe that an all-optical target network is the best choice for global operators looking to achieve an optimal TCO in fixed and 5G mobile backhaul, while inspiring new growth in home broadband and enterprise private line business.”


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