CloudJapan’s Top Home Security Company SECOM Invests in AI Startup LiveSmart

LiveSmart is helping develop self-monitoring solutions for seniors and cloud-based security solutions for SECOM, the largest home security company in the world by revenue.

To that end, SECOM participated in the latest equity financing of LiveSmart.

Problem:   Fast Aging Seniors Could Bankrupt National Insurance

12 million Japanese seniors are expected to be living alone by 2040, up from about 8 million now. Life expectancy is about 81 years, 5 years higher than the Americans. Ironically this achievement has already taken a toll on national insurance. Japan is looking for ways to dramatically reduce emergency visits to hospitals, lower insurance funded nursing care.

Solution:  Self-Care with The Help of AI

LiveSmart believes self-care can reduce costs, increase efficiency and help seniors live healthier longer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made self-care essential.

Security & Mobility Assessment technologies developed by LiveSmart range from assessing risk of fall to predicting onset of a disease through vision-based machine learning models. Combining vision based data with data from IoT sensors helps capture a complete picture of the person’s life.

Often these solutions are combined with convenient Smart Home options to make life more convenient.

LiveSmart Platform

LiveSmart platform consists of several components — LS Hub, Management Dashboard, Chatbot and situation solutions such as Security and Energy-Optimization.

LS Hub connects to many standard smart home devices and sensors operating in IR, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Wi-Sun as well as Echonet Lite protocols.

Management Dashboard allows OEM clients to manage service options of their tenants/subscribers.

Chatbots can be deployed on LINE, Facebook Messenger as well as on Web to manage customer queries, help complete revenue transactions and most importantly to stay connected with loved ones and caregivers.

LiveSmart in The US

LiveSmart Technologies LLC, a controlled subsidiary of LiveSmart KK works exclusively with property investors that are active both in the US and Japan.


SECOM is a Japanese security services company with a revenue of JPY 1.06T (approx USD 10B). SECOM has operations in 17 countries.

Investors in LiveSmart

Investors in LiveSmart are mostly its customers including SECOM, Tokyo Gas, Mitsubishi Estate, Chugoku Power.

LiveSmart Technologies LLC    Bellevue, WA

LiveSmart KK    Tokyo, Japan

SOURCE LiveSmart Technologies LLC


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