AnalyticsInnovations and Growth Opportunities in Novel Implantables, Wearables, Health Monitoring and Drug Delivery 2021 –

The “Innovations and Growth Opportunities in Novel Implantables, Wearables, Health Monitoring, and Drug Delivery” report has been added to’s offering.

This report profiles a wide range of innovations from the advanced medical device and imaging industry. The innovations in this issue include a range of novel implantables such as an implantable cardiac monitor, an implantable device for fluid overload management, an implantable for cancer patient management, and an implantable neurostimulator.

The wearable device innovations covered in this issue include a semi-closed loop insulin management device, a portable oxygen concentrator, portable hemodialysis, a wearable artificial kidney, wearable vagal nerve stimulation, wearable home obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis, and a wearable continuous body temperature monitoring device.

The report also profiles few health monitoring and diagnostic technologies such as home dental check-up and diabetic foot ulcer screening, wireless neonatal vital sign monitoring, non-invasive infant meningitis screening, and an ultrasound-based otoscope. A range of innovations in targeted drug delivery have also been covered. These innovations portray the diversity in their technology readiness levels, indicating an immediate or potential market impact. The growth opportunities for all these advanced medical device technologies are also covered in this issue.

The Advanced MedTech TOE analyzes and reports new and emerging technologies; advances in R&D, product development and regulatory matters specifically related to the areas of CT, MRI, NM, PET, ultrasound, X-ray, neurology, ophthalmology, respiratory/anesthesia, wound care and management, surgical tools and instrumentation, drug delivery, orthopedics, endoscopy, cardiology, and monitoring. In addition, relevant developments in fusion technologies, functional imaging technology, interventional cardiology and image guided surgery and healthcare IT related areas such as PACS, medical information storage, and disaster recovery/business continuance will also be covered.

Medical devices and imaging technology and innovation research covers cutting-edge global developments in medical devices and imaging sectors such as biosensors, biomaterials, biomechanics, microtechnologies, nanotechnologies, assistive technologies, and imaging technologies and platforms.

Key Topics Covered:

Innovations in Medical Devices and Imaging

  • Biotronik, Germany
  • Spartan Bioscience, Canada
  • Nextkidney, Switzerland
  • Medtrum Technologies, China
  • O2 Concepts, Ok, US
  • Bigfoot Biomedical, Ca, US
  • Wearable Artificial Organs, Ca, US
  • Endofresh, China
  • Paragate Medical, Hazafon, Israel
  • Oncodisc Inc. (Veris Health), Ca, US
  • Smiletronix Inc., De, US
  • Bambi Medical, North Brabant, Netherlands
  • Imageens, Paris, France
  • New Born Solutons, Barelona, Spain
  • Ondosis, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Medtronic, Ireland
  • Otonexus Medical Technologies Inc., Wa, US
  • Evren Technologies Inc., Fl, US
  • Oncomfort Sa, Belgium
  • Envizion Medical Ltd., Israel
  • Bluedrop Medical Limited, Ireland
  • Itamar Medical Ltd., Israel
  • Oxular Limited, UK
  • Cygenica Private Limited, India
  • Masimo, Switzerland
  • Midatech Pharma, UK
  • Key Contacts 

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