CloudIFS acquires Customerville

IFS, the global cloud enterprise applications company, announces that it has acquired Customerville. Design-Driven Feedback™ technology provider, Customerville, is an award-winning feedback platform that elevates feedback and listening across the entire customer journey, blending technology, design, and behavioral science to emulate how people naturally share and respond to feedback.

The acquisition creates a uniquely strong proposition for IFS. IFS enables customers to orchestrate their customers, people and assets to deliver outstanding moments of service. In order to ensure these moments of service are indeed outstanding and critically, meeting customer expectations feedback is essential. By embedding the ability to gather the voice of the customer at the moment of service, IFS will enable companies to perfect these moments of service.

IFS has a long-established relationship with Customerville with the tool deeply entrenched in its own VoC program. The customer sentiment analysis and the really unique view of the intelligence Customerville brings to IFS has played a significant part in how IFS has developed its services, how it developed IFS Cloud, and is continuing to shape its customer Life Cycle Experience program and culture.

The acquisition further cements IFS’s commitment to deliver the capabilities organizations need as they shift their business models away from selling products alone. As companies increasingly focus on design and innovation for service, they are asking for capabilities that helps them understand their customers and their needs better and maintain a dialogue over time. With the acquisition of Customerville, IFS is responding directly to this need.

Darren RoosIFS CEO, commented: “Customerville is highly differentiated in its field because it is Design-Driven, unlike competitors that offer surveys in static and flat formats, Customerville transforms customer surveys into rich, interactive experiences elevating customer response rates by between 400% and 600%. Successful VoC programs are proven to increase revenue, reduce costs and create a customer centric culture”. Roos continued “Providing this capability to every IFS customer as part of IFS Cloud means empowering them to not only deliver products or services based on customer insights but to do so at the early design stage which creates significant business value.”

Max Israel, CEO of Customerville, commented: “Our goal at Customerville is to show companies they can own the narrative and go beyond emailing dry reports; this is a fundamental shift for companies looking to deepen their understanding of the customer journey and make smarter decisions. With IFS we saw a meeting of minds in the desire to create a mechanism that would enable businesses to embed surveys into their own customers’ journeys.” Israel added “IFS is committed to enabling customers to deliver amazing Moments of Service and we love the team’s passion for creating great experiences. Customerville fits right into that mindset and is a natural extension of IFS’s proposition and we look really forward to our joint successes.”

Customerville surveys are beautifully designed, thoughtfully structured and aligned to the customer journey to create an engaging experience and provide insights decision makers can act upon. The value is not limited to customer engagement and can extend to create better engagement internally with stakeholders, people, managers, employees as well as throughout the ecosystem with partners, suppliers, and others that impact success.

With its main operations based out of Seattle, WA and in Valencia Spain, Customerville offers an advanced survey tool which transforms data into an interactive Design-Driven Feedback™ platform. The offering is designed to generate significantly higher engagement and response rates from customers and address the declining feedback rates resulting from the quarter of a trillion surveys sent out globally every year. Customerville has a comprehensive solution that integrates feedback collection, analysis, distribution, and action into a single, interconnected platform, to help understand and improve CX.


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