AnalyticsHCL Software positioned as a Leader in the 2022 SPARK MatrixTM for Digital Experience Platform (DXP) by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced today that it has named HCL Software a technology leader in the analysis of the global SPARK MatrixTM: Digital Experience Platform market, 2022.

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ includes a detailed analysis of the global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading technology vendors in the form of its SPARK MatrixTM. The study offers strategic information for users to evaluate different provider capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

According to Preshit Parab, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “The HCL DX platform helps the customers in creating and managing both headless and headed secure digital experiences. HCL DX’s cloud-native PaaS allows users to select the best cloud utility and deployment for their needs. The platform has an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop tools for content authoring and streamlined workflows.” Preshit added: “With its ability to cater to diverse use cases, aggressive product strategy, cloud-native approach, scalable platform, extensive industry experience, and proven technology platform, HCL Software has received strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact and has been positioned amongst the leader in the SPARK Matrix: Digital Experience Platform (DXP), 2022.”

“HCL Digital Experience continues to show its leadership in the market with a diverse set of tools for multiple use cases and business needs,” said Richard Jefts, executive vice president, HCL Software. “Our strong product roadmap and attentiveness to customer needs keep us ahead of the competition in technological excellence and customer impact. We look forward to helping our customers digitally transform their business, customer, and employee experiences.”

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a software or a suite of products that enables organizations to create, manage, optimize, and deliver personalized/contextualized digital experiences in an omnichannel environment. The platform addresses organizations’ digital transformation needs by digitizing end-to-end business processes and providing actionable customer insights to drive customer satisfaction and make informed business decisions.

The DX platform offers seamless digital experiences to customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and others. A DXP is equipped with well-integrated technologies and strong data management capabilities to aid organizations in achieving this objective by assisting them in understanding their target audiences. DXPs help organizations target customers based on previous and present data and manage their content strategy effectively.  A DXP is, in a sense, a future-ready offering with a platform-based design that is modular and extendable and that empowers companies by guaranteeing the cost-effective resolution of both their front-end and back-end problems.


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